NGA Italian poetry: The Challenge.
Paintings, photos & presentation: ACLa , NV ~ TM
Introducing T-KNOWN web roasted pine

PARTY robbery
Look not seen dogma must cranky
Anything, tasting tasteless food also,
Odorless smell? Such stinking tired body!
How dirty, inhuman? Party empty handed!
Russia Italy, 11/18/2017
Presentation: ACLa 

He boasted very learned “uncle”
Knowledge than a boyfriend
Anything understanding
“Uncle, learned” this they … Ho?
She boasted more power
Then equivocal red, black
Red proud stance,
We wait for someone praise?
Personality them traitorous,
Not distinguish right from wrong,
Arrogant and proud
Where to get beat, referee?
How minded?
University is doing, why so?
General such road will
Decision precarious avoid them!
Russia Italy, 11/18/2017
* UYEN: literally abyss
Incense BA
Last year’s snow kept looking small percentage
New Jersey was crying Three winter,
This winter is still here but cry.
When you lose: autumn, winter, summer; who cry?
Image: NV ~ TM
A Tribute
12 Musicians were common position of 92 poems by author
with unselfish heart is very respectable:
LMST, Nguyen Van Thanh, Ngoc Chau L.,
La Mong Thuong Mai Dang Huong Mien,
Nguyen Huu Tan, Bong Adventure, T242, Bui Kim Cuong.vv …
Solemnly commemorate:
uncle Tran Anh Bang and The Long Musicians
The audio transmission Musicians on Music
Wonderful melodious notes of the soul
Do shine age dawn twilight
Do limp than the loneliness.
Pull the remote close astray
Rather outspoken sobbing joys and sorrows,
Rather kiss when deprivation, restless
How painful is sublimated warm.
Si bass notes is forbidden fruit slowly,
Is whispered as passive Mi mind,
A major scholarship is awarded lyrical
Poems rely, quietly established their home.
Thang notes, Christmas conveyer into the sea
Tune picked, put frustrations broken drill boo
Bring song became choked United Center
Music rage overflowed each history.
And so, according to the poet preserve music
Soul of Vietnam, though thousands of miles tha
Cherished nostalgic circuit connected with homeland
Trade you very epic patriotic line!
Or know what the ecstatic enthusiasm!
Kia Quang Tri epic “our flag flying”
Kia Dong Ha, Cam Lo “fun today”
Along hold L UA, music which arose here.
Agonized poetry, music soft harmony
Overcoming the darkness praise the sun
Is the heart, poetry waited for smiles
Volleyball vitality, poetry music for breath.
Car flags brightly colored universal childhood dread,
Poetry dream for the country freely,
People prosperous, happy and shouting,
Poetry wait as there are for each wind music.
Bid blood, choked rate expressed
People tough: poetry, music EMG cry.
Hun Train the telltale shadow box
To re-enslave landslides, assimilation.
Not only are: music, poetry charm too!
Warm home each note humming
Young or old singer also spoke wine
Truly priceless these lofty smoother!
Russia and the UK ** Italy 23/10/2016
Russia Italy, 11/18/2017
OR “win”?
Gift siblings Look-Brown (Calgary, Canada)
Loved his birthday V.
get a day use their talent with “her” fish
Despise suffering, death stars in great recipe?
Fish challenging, exciting fishing lure
His lake no fish: catfish, perch …
Naive person, individual “performances” contestants sweat
Condescension: eat map … “worship”.
Resources compete, admiring Thanks tri enlightenment
Bushy Bushy duck inh ovation both lakes:
Fish and people: who persistently come on!
Fish won … number, hovering midday sun poured.
Bait: sunset, clean … “ultra”
I asked:
– Vo … her how many troops?
He laughed:
– Being the son … dried monkey!
Integrated treatment, fish … day she *
Get preferential treatment, “dry monkey boy” when … suffering
Wriggle tail, eyes and laughed, spoiled:
Little breeze “her” Gypsy yeast victory
Do not take away the Chopping Wood Beijing.
Italy Russia * 25/09/2016
* This lake pike fish only severance
* Yes: party
Dried Monkey >> euphemism into: when suffering
* Message Language 3 word “lake” with 3 different means: the lake (lake), spoiled, Gypsy
Background pink dominate any immoral
This generation of education such expenditure
Later generations nothing recorded history?
Party ruled: hero of “paralysis” Master!
Italy Russia * 10/08/2016
Uncles ITS
“Father” of it have been forgetting
Stars “uncle” it not wise !?
Oh “Father nation”
Stars that “Dad” children!
Water like some military zone
Han aggressors sit in books
“Uncle,” it clearly … lú
“Notice” of it?
Emerge stupid!
Malicious enemy invasion
Ethnic worry restlessness,
It sells water haste,
Not bear to bury!
“Father” of which teach
Uncle it out game
Atheist whole goose
Luxuriant imitate Marx,   Lake.
Nobody noi … CHILD *
Sao independent, freedom?
Lu: it, “Uncle” and “Aunt”
“Father” of the crime behalf:
Bring to hell else
“Hell” is people worry!
Uncle, uncle, it cruel
Where happiness and wealth?
People gentle, naive
Feeding leaders to
Lay that makeup
People hungry, “Uncle emerge … lo” *?
Italy Russia * 10/19/2016
* Idioms: “Father it lú also pay it wise”