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from 01/01/2018
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lost contact in 2017.
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TET is offline
Read LIVING NEW # 426, 02/19/2010
No wonder gifts brought clippings relating bribe
Quan Tanh bending “go Tet superiors” [a]
Vulture subordinate offices demanding reparation:
“Offers traditional” husband on “customary gifts”!. [b]
Enjoy full Heads pachyderm gifts
Prime bored “customary gifts”, urging: – Envelopes! [c]
Claiming lucky, youngest brother had to spend
Full implementation Comrade comrades and celebrate!
Eat? Style, customs, systems, packages …
TV: – Eat up!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017
[a] “go Tet superior”: words of the people in the country.
[b] According NEW LIFE # 426, page 22:
“Minister Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed:
government just ban a gift by public money alone, while not
restrict gifts tradition and customs “
[c] Envelope: cash, checks, remove the envelope.
GA Italian cartoonist contest (11/16/2017)
Paintings, pictures and introduction:
ACLA, AYD, Bao Tram,
Do not be angry! Nostalgic gritted teeth LIN!
Learn kindness, qualities masters
Fleeting life, forgive! Exceptions:
Gnashing, gritting, gritting: heart worn teeth excruciating!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017
Write no spleen, you drop poetry recitation
Then became passionate writing
What song is finished, reread and self … Coffee
And so every night on set, so …
This book edited the rundown clumsy,
Other book included: choosing some such medium,
Poetry printing is complete, pick “star” full redundancy letters,
Bag that contained not a pleasant word.
Wasting ink, this place yet delicate:
Simple things such stars bring picky?
Talk to that, indescribable tiny?
Poetry with the kidneys, brain blame perfectionist!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017



Take heart, take force,
Do not devoured each other,
Find ways to cope
Save Mother Earth is sick!
Each treetops, feet underground
Republican brave soldier
Swimming in the smoke
How dangers.
Keeping Our native, Ancestral Land
Each stream, river.
Though overwhelmed guns sky
Soldiers had contributed.
Now blatant party
Brought unto the enemies
Wear Han aggressors swallow
Party play swinging.
Vietnam time is triumphant
Wait enemy to rob,
Party react sham
I hope nothing changes?
Brother gathered,
Hold Fire and circulating
Wholeheartedly stick
Defend this castle!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017


Drop sadness into poetry
Past and now
Thousands rhyme: unfortunately closed mind,
Yun: baked million trust dream!
Drop me in sorrow
Trade old mother, her children,
Remember how many friends
Feeling brought round vo!
Sadness, nostalgic elephants
Poetry is not enough sun tilt,
Sad not deflect land
How carefree soul?
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017

Descendants PARTY

Where the young heroes of old Mother Earth
With hands not move the earth and sky,
Slim and sky, the first place where the stone,
New spirit which expect to pay up?
Where academic knowledge is always reaching out to?
But decrepit, decrepit, drink all year round,
Which dissipated the “modern”, lazy
Discrete pedestal body, naughty or, sleazy?
Descendants “doctor” so that much money?
How reliable, resource depletion may sell
Children swim back, who warrant husk ancestors
Rivers, mountains, the sea, the sea … the enemy gradually undiminished.
Sported school, eat delicious adept
Poisoning each other, kill wildlife hunting,
Do lightly but slobbering jubilantly
Who keeps kingdom trick mung wards, enjoy?
Lazy school, claiming the sky “figure the tool”
Diligent dissipated satiate themselves, learn to change your life
Party slack off, bringing depravity invite
Hurricane Flood tantalizing whole nation!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017
* Marine gastropods: swamp wetland areas, many grass


Donate your body Scout leaders were so young that always engage sacrificial service.
-Say lie was malformations
How do we believe?
Mi add as many as confidential
But still not sweet words.
Stubborn mortar, pestle
Mi wrong, we correct this word to the other
Mi hear say not behold?
How do I send mi right that respect?
Key said before gab
Listening, silence is the financing of mi
It is eager to win first or second nature
Should anyone mi exquisite packaging: attention.
Mi always also deep:
-Minh hear! Just tell … bruised lips tongue
Mind when got it
Do not crush, drifting intimate!
How much is the story of grievances
Night I told her about my understanding.
Out the forgiveness utility school
Practitioners, parents, who, soot: a brother.
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017
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