He stayed there ever distract?
You go not mind faded
Limitless memory, bringing it all into poetry
Color Yellow Flag concern poetry forever!
Russia Italy, 12/21/2017
Published Books
Officials do not take bribes
Detailed story also received envelopes
Socialism true enlightenment
Eat: martyrs detachment, fertility!
Russia Italy, 12/21/2017
Tribute to all military and civil, PERSONNEL, ADMINISTRATIVE and
has been in bondage before and after Hurricane INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS 1975
for protecting freedom for the South VN.
Small animal park boiled meal “Renovation”
Tears dotted old spinach Ocean
Squeeze on forests, mosquitoes, fleas, no injuries,
Under cultivation leeches suck blood relatives looking skinny.
Hotel classification how to shoulder bone, staggers
With falling flat stomach, leaning Chao
Belly rumbling, torn shirt crunch
Wind blowing frostbitten body meager joke.
Malnutrition, malaria, hungry
How warriors battle each resilient
Stars have to find kidnap, counterfeit, bullfrog?
Imagine conviction dreary prison.
Where might that burden forever not tired?
Horticulture many stars starving prisoners?
Guilty of what “the people’s blood debt”?
Water keeps crime, injured people Soldier Dung?
Ward Water sale, demand honor and corruption
Decades, stomach, luxuriant daisy bow
General Han culture contribute enemy “universal”
Thanks to the people that suck blood for a living.
Russia Italy, 12/21/2017
THIEN shared with siblings, HA
Getting away from billions of light years
Two thousand identical struggling Tianhe far
Party want gifts: “Wife puppet is mine!”
Slightly fishy smell vile, foul too!
Plus robbing cunning wife, flippant
You because you, the price to pay: sacrifice!
How many years of desperate struggle Soldier
Little bit unfortunate: I repay.
Party stalking: South prematurely robbed,
Getting murderous fight for freedom,
Enjoy prosperity, dark closed doors
People flock tormented Reds in muzzle.
Russia Italy, 12/21/2017
Books will publish
Presentation: BAO TRAM
OF strangers
** Italy Russia **
Quote anthology written with 43 authors,
by CLUB ON ARTISTS published end of 2017:
T promised our readers,
The Musicians’ poems to strangers
Just because something favorite: National story
Far from close, familiar rather strange flower
States Champion bridge the refugees.
“Miracle” is not used, no body, not seen and not “strange” Vietnamese Communist-style dim sheet of water sold!
Previously, you Brother and Sister in Club Love Artist has asked me to write a post aboutpaying Anh Bang, but I refused, because if writing about notes Anh Bang (already popular music for Italy Russia 1 post) without musicians have written about 10 popular poem for Italy Russia 88 e that I live is not religion, will sadden you musicians after Dayu, arranged in alphabetical order:
-As Mong Thuong (01 posts)
-le Middle Dieu Chau (04 posts)
-LMST (34 items),
Behind roof (01 posts)
-Free Perfume (10 posts)
-Nguyễn Huu Tan (02 posts)
-Nguyễn Van Thanh (31 items),
Coupon Bong (02 posts)
-T242-Nguyen Ba Toan (02 posts)
The ceiling Long (01 items).
Diamond dust (05 items)
As with paying British Bang, I have never had the pleasure of meeting you this once Musicians life. 2 year anniversary of this occasion of paying British Bang, a request to participate in a special anthology   Brother and Sister this your heart has to be repeated a second time, so I would venture to take this opportunity to: share all your gratitude Musicians, readers   Selected poems to music and struggled to pass the Fire abetting, whether Russian or Italian poetry poetry anyone.
As a female boat has never participated in any political party does overseas, in my opinion, Musicians Anh Bang or any musician, whether gained fame before or after 1975, whether specialist professional or amateur, if selected poetry championed by the author is not familiar to popular music, they are courageous, not greed, love poetry and appreciate poetry, sharing anguish of people do Air poems that add their own dedicated elected, that creates music for a furnished common use of the Vietnamese exile. Courage, because they can not know exactly who is the author of the poem, they read poetry that “feel” the love of great Vietnamese share a denominator: concerns for water transport, enemies and fellow House.
Along another sober reminder not naive
In the text, pen ball pretty hard
Thousands of miles away and passed the difficult Fire
Poetry, literature, painting … but faded old, depleted oil.
(Quote: WORKSHOP * Russian * Italian 22/05/2017)
Musicians not only individual, not only spending uncle Anh Bang, which   anyone encourage artists towards creative works, construction, painting, nhac.vv … speaks to the crimes of the communist and communism like Italy Russia are to the plate and enjoy with respect because, it is important to share this creates the beauty of her soul artist, also known by the heart aches at the sight of their homeland, the nation was being manipulated deviant rights. They are role models for the youth to follow: no matter where they live, how happy is not entitled to forget the unfortunate fellow hometown remaining.
That is why, despite knew them or not, once fully agree with these compositions has meant we have passed away all directions, especially in Europe, where I have political asylum 20 year.
Anyone enjoy any favorite works to fight against crime and in honor of the cause of the Country, will deserve our respect, because they are the source of spiritual encouragement great to feed and protect roots, encouraged the next generation always appreciate the value immutability of human nature in the Vietnamese soul. Art for humanity is that!
Dance, music, theater … san infinite pain
The same discussion, user creation for the people
Keep off fire spirit, such alienation
Remind National Sorrow, Self cultivate yourself, hold fire.
(Quote: WORKSHOP * Russian * Italian 22/05/2017)
In the spirit of gratitude common to the Vietnamese exile respectable as already said, I would like to record here some sentiments separately between uncle Anh Bang and Italy Russia, over bridges art between poetry and music, some memories also note signs, arranged in chronological order received, after the music release, to our readers share the same account of his uncle to music by:
Sad poems “just once” Italian Russia has honored three Musicians eye on and to music: Musicians LMST first, then pay Anh Bang and then Musicians Coupon Bong. Run charming art of Italian Russia and Musicians Anh Bang, through this article, beginning on the day of April sadly in 2011, through which, the Musicians’ Le Palace moved to an email (email) of the Musicians UK by writing the previous two days as follows:
-From: Van Dinh Le, To: Y Russia,
CC: He Bang; Arts,
Sent: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 15:52,
Subject: Fw: The song lost him Christmas Eve
-From: he states,
To: Medicine Russia,
Sent: Wed, April 6, 2011 8:50:51 PM,
Subject: The song lost him Christmas Eve
Russian Italy dear,
Italy make Russia still remember days before Uncle Art Newspaper also published Le Palace, Italy Russia has posted a poem, which opens with the sentence: “Near the end of the year, then you know?”
Writing for Gera No-Number-41-Person,
camp Songkhla, Thailand 15.01.1980.
Russian Italian poetry
Near the end of the year, then you know what?
Counting skeptical, I keep counting in lap
Eighty and several times “fifty” anymore?
Just count to trail … new concept forward.
Near Christmas and he knew reasonable?
Tung-hung light flashes flower streets
People happy as Tet shoppers
A man burning incense audio-whisper.
Just remember forever alone darker story
Both boat blind-puzzled, crushing pain
Dry lip children awaiting droplets
Foreign old eyes looked wet, Father.
Calm sea boat stop, the wave disturbance
The ocean waves, the then-whispered
Heaven together last words not breath
Salty as sea water … tears in his eyes.
That night was Christmas Eve
Pirates laugh, rob say, his silence
Air glances blood tears
A Christmas only! A voyage!
Italy Russia
He notes there By taking poetry to popular music, change the title to “Lost Christmas Eve English” and add notes on the poetry of music with.
English Lyrics By
Near the end of the year, then you know what? 
Remember I remember extremely skeptical
Miss you and the boat on the waves
Storm stamping buried outside the East Sea.

Near Christmas and he knew reasonable?
Jubilant streets unfurling flower lamp 
O people go to feast fondly
I cry silently burning incense.

Just remember forever alone wilt melancholy story:
Both boats complaining crushing pain,
Dry lips crave droplets wild child,
Mother cried watching you …
Mother cried watching you die mourning.

That night was the night of Jesus’ birth,
Ocean waves kill the civilians,
Thousand words to describe bitter end?
Oh Christmas sad losing him!
Notes sends Italian music for Russia when he received a reply. Notice and wish to thank the Italian news Russia.
Notes: Anh Bang.
Music and poetry that is met, uncle and nephew we know each other well from there, start a new contact:
Notes Anh Bang
Sent: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 23:06 
Subject: Italian VISIT RUSSIA
Russian Italy dear
Notes for an address, when DVD uncle will send courtesy Italy Russia to watch for fun.
Thanking Italy Russia
Notes Anh Bang
From: £ Sent: Wed, 4 May 2011 3:43
Russian Italy dear,
Now pay your grandchildren do not say much, I’ll sign the DVD: “By-Line UK Music Exile” donated Italy Russia, where an address; but it takes about 10 days, because the Canadian tariff procedures very carefully. It is best to buy one book Italy Russia to hear before going! Nguyen Hong Nhung singer when presenting cried really touched much.
He wished, news
Readers Lan Chi
Sent: Wed, 4 May 2011 7:44
… transition …
 the night is Christmas Eve …, Musicians AB write very well. Congratulations Italy Russia. From the poem, UK By corrected slightly and spread good music. 

Thi Phuong Thuy property
Sent: Wed, 4 May 2011 7:56 
Russia has congratulated Italian poem to music and be included in the 36-Year Anniversary DVD Asia Far Country. Asia is a source of mental distraction which she also considered unique until now.

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