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Presenting the cover and copies of published books:
Nguyen Huu Nhat
The pen: Italy Russia


Writing for Gera No-Number, 41 people,
camp Songkhla, Thailand in 1980.
Near the end of the year, then you know what?
Counting skeptical, I keep counting in lap
Eighty and several times “twenty” more
Just count to corrosion fatigue faith hope
Near Christmas and he knew reasonable?
Tung-hung light flashes flower streets

People happy as Tet shoppers

A man burning incense audio-whisper 
Just remember forever alone darker story
Both boat blind-puzzled, crushing pain
Dry lip children awaiting droplets

Foreign old eyes looked wet, Father

Calm sea boat stop, the wave disturbance
The ocean waves, the then-whispered
Heaven together last words not breath
Tears salty sea water as movement
That night was Christmas Eve

Pirates laugh, rob say, his silence

Air glances blood tears
A Christmas only! A voyage!
Italy Russia
For the Fatherland
How valiant pain was gone
Debt expenses when died for Freedom?
What sexual offenses must protect flag?
For their country! Who could never love that!
Also back from five continents, four pools,
Bring along a flag in a heart of gold,
Footsteps brandishing eager thrill,
Not communism, our mother land!
Italy Russia
Mau Than,
Russia Italian poetry, music Democratic Ca, Youbube film, PPS: LU ZHISHEN
Black purple, yellow ooze determine
Who crushed face, relative to know who?
Tight neck, ears Horizontal
Stab punctured hands, barbed intrusion into *
Bamboo poles regularly to top
Five dead clusters, cluster ten strings
How determine growth stand sitting
Gore horror, exhausted, inert bone
Rain falls harrowed field segment
Babies crying mother, wife mourning her husband
Piece recognizes her, he?
What piece of rotten wash out the hearts excavations!
Cat Spring, Crazy University, Da Mai
Bai Dau, Huong Thuy, Phu Bai, Bao Vinh *
Truong Tien, An Old … how love
Dong Ba, Citadel …: death, birth plaintive
Bullet bittern, skull burst
Gore horror Huong river sad!
Hue any white mourning all directions
An Hoa, Thanh Noi … disaster ever
Buy equipment, determine widened
Always blood sugar! Statute of the heart!
Bullets fly retro sound transmission!
Father and son, husband and wife secretly call each other names
Truoi, Gia Hoi, Phu Van Lau …
Abolition, assassination, beheading, hoes phang
Death! Nobody burn incense *
Death row wrongly see innocent people
Death! No cover his wooden box
Death! No tears het relatives
Austria Golden Hue temple … which places
Where no blood boiling in the soul?
Hue pain! I miss Saigon!
Home such as fire, only ashes
British spiritual eternal sleep!
We live not blind conscience
Do not wait for New Year remembered
Each day a miss! Surface hundred heart hurts!
Italy Russia, 02/09/2008 footing Three Rat
* Use the barbed wire intrusion through palm person
* Both were killed.
& Document Read:
– “Hue, I and Tet” by Nguyen Van Phan.
– “Tet, Hue DUT Kun Pain” by Le Han Students.
– “The Vietcong, M assacre At   Hue “(Massacre of Vietnamese Communists in Hue) published in 1976, Vintage Press, New York Dr. Elje Vannema, who was in Hue when the incident occurred.
– “Crime VC through Memoir of Old Soldier”: there are about 5,800 people were killed Collective at:
1-Khe Da Mai Huong Can District
2-O Crazy Cat Xuan Dai, Phu Vang District
3-The Golden Pagoda Austria, District 2 Road- ng Chi L antenna
4-Bai Dau, Vinh Bao District 2 side
Poetry: Italy Russia,
Music & Presentation: Democratic Ca,
Ill Hoa ng program, half-moon
Li Bai is?
Households who alone?
I just love that sweet folk
Ru sentence dimensional brain, sort night
Welcome sir ball on the moon grill, hammock.
Wang Wei, dispatched poetry
Crossing point, mentioning, honest that lost
Word rustic, peaceful
Affordable, rustic, rustic but injured
As injured him, humility,
Mild flap sunny, frost melts slowly.
Near him lifelong unspoilt
Though away from home as well as those just left
Beautiful swallow flying across the sky above,
Need of new or distant to flamingos!
Mother Father, to this life
Hometown though bitter, sour, spicy … and cravings.
You mean you, I mean I
Add to Google tomorrow though also our vision.
Wearing one cocky according partakers
Vietnam only, Commerce Ca write forever!
Italy Russia, 17-11-2010.
The Russian poet 29-8-2013
Music spectrum: MAI DANG (Sent: Tue, Dec 31, 2013 6:10 pm)
Harmonies: MAI TRUNG MAIN (Sent: Wed, Jun 4, 2014 9:05 am)
Presented by: Nhat Lam (Solist Choir Mary Help of)
You are invited to click on the “link” golden bowl to enjoy music:
Solemnly commemorate:
had committed suicide after the date of 30-4-1975.
together choose the sacrifice was.
Would rather choose to die than live humiliated glory,
True mettle glorious the Servant
Living for the people until the last minute!
Died of water, scented mirror committed suicide!
The Torch Relay forever immortal Sacrifice
Morning Vietnam all regions on earth, the brave
Forgot your own situation, bring enthusiasm handed
Fiercely uphold heart there’s justice.
Soldiers, General, NCO, Lt, Col.
Lofty rank always the same!
Choked swallowing, compression ratio weeping, heartbroken,
Shed blood together, fill the gas fascinating.
Real morale, radiant majesty Chi Si
Debt macho military commitment period under
Y dyed shirt war even illustrious reputation
Sugar up Release: automotive radiant justice!
Italy Russia, 29-8-2013.
For further reading:
Thursday, 05. 19. 2011
Poetry: Italy Russia;
Music: Danchuca;
Video: CNY
Canada, 12-2-2012
Ladies and gentlemen
A nation Vietnam was engulfed in the night of darkness and suffering, only the Communist Party of VN is being strung lights, the flowers have fun enjoyment by the rule of barbarism, take the “thought” of a corpse that oppress civilians, looting, people sell, sell water and red carpet procession of four ships to invade the homeland.
All voice for justice, for human rights in domestic are muffled!
All sounds pathetic people and for the people and are they muzzled, including voice & singing of the Artist has a conscience, knowing look and said pain under pain of fellow .
The Russians would like to share with those true artists and civilians with this pain.
You are invited to read the poem “THOUGHT” and the “links” below to view & hear a song has been heading the Democratic Ca to music, with the presentation of Ca, composer Nguyen Van Thanh and South Vietnamese soldiers military: NDT.
Please encouragement and support wholeheartedly the brave soldiers in the country, so they can rewrite a page HUNG VIETNAM FOR USE.
Italy Russia
Determine odor rises lifetime ” ideology “*
Party building praised opera wrong descendants
Post Road Along brandishing ostentatious fanfare
Unmask sell trendy ward countries.
Road Champion will just keep pace!
Do not stop, do not desire impracticable,
It is not the enemy with simplicity, harmony
Described the battle: counter, strike hard world!
Informal means, lifelong Communist defiant
My heart into, not naive Marx, Le;
No alien, not very neo ward
Proletarian mouth, hands scrambling looting.
How ancestral mirror hard work
They need water treatment illiterate people?
Each party member a rootlessness, alienation
Comrades … san galaxy lice should downgrade!
Be wary of the game “overseas operation ”!
Mature fears, not bewildered gullible!
Because homeland, nation: to preserve
No other fanatical religious discrimination.
They brazenly arrogant atheism
But bring them into the temple located shifty
Master “owned” dirty chanting lava partakers
Full lie! Ridiculous: thoughts?
Italy Russia, 9-3-2011.
*”Ho Chi Minh Thought
Music: DanChuCa

Poetry: Italy Russia


Soak voice: Truc Minh City
Preamble: Tran Kim Bang
Sound: Danny Save – Nicholas Tran
Prodigiwaves Studio
Photo: Repertoire King Quang Trung Dai Qing Breaking performed in Cat Spring Fair 2011 in Garden Grove, by the General Council of Southern California SV-HS organization.
Photographer: Nicholas Tran – Gavin Ho
Implementation: Siblings Paltalk – Southern California
Sincerely thank you for abetting popular video clip.
Minister Trieu Trinh female fire Nuong (Ms. Zhao):
“I want to ride a strong wind, wave data bicycle,
cut fish in an East-economic status, wipe border,
save the people from where amorously
cravings and not imitate life
bow stooping concubine people! “
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire volleyball sisters!
Ancient, screaming out Apply Fire Pants! *
Before Evil fed peaceful parts!
Do translational coordinates when coral is in danger


Sống Vì Dân, Chết Vì Nước.

Đừng Tin Gì Cộng Sản Nói

Trúc Minh – Chị Em Ơi Chuyển Lửa – Thơ Ý Nga


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