Asian love poetry SUSPECTED 10/13/2017: Dandruff Casinos
>> Photo: Ngoc Dung, N ~ NVT, PTV

bears living

Bailing bucket index casino competition
They should wives, husbands should realize seats!
What bunker disjointed, clumsy;
Today half of the province yet, half shyly countryside;
Each frame their own corner,
General conversation just laughed when experiencing village.
He laughed mockery: root page!
This party nails, hastily Who Kia
Circulating baskets, mosquito nets, baskets, flat baskets
Pretend cups, forks … furiously wiping fears.
-Who doubt tied into bunches
Spouses, children messy tails
Diu each buong combed down ….
British Coal: – At present as, Flies to follow!
Shallow bucket cheerfully slapped casino
Secured Kids: rural poor rural women radiate fragrance
Incense internal pasture, straw, straw
Intensive care sweet, wholesome rice every day.
Keep forever, not to change
Dandruff casino every slap, what sá bitter!
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017




Write instead N & Nh two grandchildren.
Laden blame him “dirty” so go!
“Flies” wished the elected full disengaged?
-Sometimes cheeks, little mole
Her mother discerning, skeptical and down criticism
How people, also very dread
Engineering, General, Colonel … multitalented filled out
Yes I draped,
Add rich maximum his village.
Mr. Thien negligence practice
Neglected Dot Typical Smart
Mother does not lavish wedding?
Britain to lie And, sir diurnal,
Solid time funding, while soft
New wedding until smooth … mole!
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017



Listen to your storytelling clown theater
Receiving what you lovely name?
Rock, you Saturday! Ask chi slurred?
-How about him: Sunday here ne!
Your too close together! Shy sister?
Where any strange or smudgy
His twin sister: peaceful “weekend”.
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017
Today successor Gen. sad gloomy
Redundancy back the lease, ham gloomy, weary
Not you, General must continent pot
Want to eat not perhaps lie, sit? The wrong one?
Injured people plying the Interior Minister
Last night all night long cooking
(Back cuffs, gray hair, wrinkles
Thua General difficulty suffering because qualify.)
This balance, lack of it! Wistful
No one suffered more accountable word processing?
Predawn darkness on
Alone cheerless, depressing miss you.
Overlooking the dusk
Add to Google pity see detailed vision?
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017


Romance me the half moon,
For just the opportunity to enjoy the lunar round vo
I do not think scruples
Appointment times, promised hot fire * crooked people.
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017
* Linger: gradually postponed forever


I greased, slippery tree saw that chills
Waiting since dawn, noon to pm
Sun rises, more rounded and distorted
He stumbled back as wheat withered.
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017

“EN” GO!

Chemical examination 1 true story verbalization.
Write countrymen gave him L. and Quang Nam
Ni, numb, teeth, wash, limbs, tissues …
I invite: – “En for” * a bowl! I smile,
Scratching his head (one understood, dead fresh!)
What dishes seem strange? Em off embers
Lid: see porridge fragrant
That belly heaving nodded asked: – “En?”
– “En go!” I exchange, gentle lips.
I love dimples should … eat.
A bowl? I draw several times
Spicy Oh! Hot! (At cretinism … Merit)
– “En! En! “
Hot!   Abnormal eye discharge eye!
Spicy because … rabid mouth, not … mean: hup lia.
Puffy finish, sit till midnight
“En” no … pepper: no disc, no “go”
“En” finished bowl of porridge: the si!
Satiated “warm”. Breakfast tui ni words!
How warm a lifetime?
How determined are invited to visit?
Co … Money cheeks full moon lunar eclipse:
Heart decide accounted hundred years: enjoy … rich!
Asia Nghi, 051215./.
Pronounced accent Quang Nam:
* EN: eat
* Dog: porridge
* The food is very spicy Central


Familiar? He asked “do” anything?
Familiar then do … weird, I pass my instant!
Familiar strangers, familiar strangers is very annoying!
All much more enthusiast who plays drums Si?
Loss of thrilling water
Remove dried leaf chlorosis, throw away stars had?
School exam, the purpose incontrovertible:
High beans, enough points to spend more fun!
Familiar, weird, better
Please he-who-big-her-menu for each!
Amenities Asia, 031 215.
FOUL! Hong added fuel! Leisure *
My house wares fragrant flowers
I plugged yellow jubilantly happy incense
Spring is, more calming smell flowers:
Ylang he donated, stars “Smelly! Gaping cravings! “?
Amenities Asia, 031 215.
Q: pronounce letters of Southerners ONLY
Í pink head A DENTAL!
-Auto beautiful street course,
Natural leaved flowers do not laugh,
Most people naturally injured,
Fresh flower petal by Mesmerized affair.
End of media soul, and with all chickened kiss
People injured out? Blasphemy too then!
A man is not it! One only!
Nghi 031215. ** Asia /.
From: Tram Bao
Sent: Fri, Oct 7, 2017 11:15 pm
Subject: Dear please help document the English band of self-defense war in Vietnam Cong Hoa

Ladies and gentlemen in all forums,
Dear former Republic of Vietnam Veterans
Dear all fellow Republic of Vietnam abroad
Currently, in Minnesota, a team is doing a film about the Vietnam War including many Americans and Hmong (Laos people through the United States since 1969). This film is Hmong Congressional Campaign Minnesota is granted a 95 million dollars amount to make.
The film almost similar to Viet Nam War, the current crew needed documents honest about the war in Vietnam, especially documents on military campaign against the people of South Vietnam communist invaders.
You siblings that document the battle in 1975 was written in English, please send me or doctor Ha Wall,
HT BS graduate in the US, is now joining the group VN only criticism of the film is done. (called groups, but currently only has 1 VN and two veterans)
BS Report critical need because there are two Americans in the crew detected in all the wrong film and a Vietnam War film similar way, and they were invited by Dr. Ha Tuong collaboration
In this film refers to the campaign Laos, the Laotian now called Hmong MN lot, including Senators and Congressman states, grouped filmmakers interviewed on film, they all say campaign in Laos, the VN very cowardly, only the brave Hmong fighting communists only.
BS remember and more people join peer groups, but because I am not a direct witness of the self-defense campaign against communism before 1975. So I’m just collecting documents sent to the group only. Unfortunately document, though English is not enough, they need to interview witnesses directly as the Hmong. The crew estimated exposure ARVN soldiers will in early 2018
We sincerely hope you who can witness live or know someone voluntarily testify live, please contact via email below Wall BS. First crew will interview Training and stars, if necessary, they will arrange for your participation in the delegation that the film, like the Hmong.
The Hmong have an advantage over us as they speak English like the wind, though not write in English, should be interviewed and they all pretty much say soldiers VN very cowardly, Dr. Wall is controversial not because BS wall itself is not South Vietnam veterans, which is just before 1975 BS Civil alone, the United States continued to have an MD school official.
We wish you please help for the honor of the former South Vietnamese soldiers and also for the common good of the country we VN. If we do, at least to remove intentionally removing some of the history of film misspell Vietnam War
Thank you so much
Because to keep the limit of Dr. email Ha Tuong, please do want to contact Dr. HT, please separate email to me, I will send a separate e-mail records of Dr. HT to precious brothers and sisters there.
Bao Tram
Here is the first document to your availability of US veterans in the group three reviewers
Scott Walker   | Coalition Director
Vietnam War Veterans Coalition of Allied
Subject: Vietnam War Episode links for the Documentary 
Date: October 6, 2017 at 7:22:30 AM CDT

Here are all the links to all the episodes of the Vietnam War documentary series to.
I will use links on our những page commentary.
07: The Veneer of Civilization (June 1968-May 1969) http://www.tpt.org/the-vietnam-war/video/the-history-of-the-world-april-1969-may-1970-bkyda2/ 08: The History of the World (April 1969-May 1970) http://www.tpt.org/the-vietnam-war/
09: A disrespectful Loyalty (May 1970-March 1973) http://www.tpt.org/the-vietnam-war/

10: The Weight of Memory (March 1973-Onward) http://www.tpt.org/the-vietnam-war/video/the-weight-of-memory-march-1973-onward-9l7gyj/

Hope this is helpful.