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My heart
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Three tough moment pave the way deadlock,
When addiction risk only well informed way
Thanks arms embrace, the lap record,
Public vegetative please cherish lifelong.
How strenuous, difficult road strange
Not themselves reach all today
Parts exile must trust outsiders
How hardship always intense.
Thanks to see how you nurture personnel,
Just avoid presentation captivated astray
Though born stumble should still sew
Overcoming difficult at times lonely, helpless.
Three children step through motivation
School or get married confirmation, the shoulder joint,
Talented help meet future growth
Thanks widely. Remuneration was cramped.
Poetry should try prompted thousands of beauty
To contribute words, give holiness high bar
Know how grace, never once
Enough how glorious rewards received.
Russia Italy, 11/21/2017
Comments actors read medical literature.
Hard all day and night do not manage
Putting the entire European animal blood relatives
Such as beating cancer diligence
Should the left lung due to heart “give way”?
Four months pregnant, suffering heart rhythm started
Clapping rhythm unborn have diligently
Beating all day since he was “coltish”
Private source electromagnetic pulse so strong!
Tim even leave people remain healthy
Bear waiting for transplant to save people,
Bear joyful day beating hundred thousand times
Resources blood pumping two thousand liters per day.
Where good heart that merits must be at
Blood circulating lung, brain, headline feet …
Lying, standing, walking … beating full part
How many billions of cells need to receive blood.
So precious a good heart
Beating for people, raising fresh beautiful life
Persons injured please take forever laughter
Tim optimistic both poetry childhood there!
Russia Italy, 11/21/2017
According to medical literature:
-All parts of the body can get cancer than heart
Smaller fruit pulp because heart
-Find fetus starts beating at 4 weeks in the womb and only stop when people die. If separated from the body in time, it was still beating, thanks to the electric pulse source
separate itself.
-Each day 1 healthy heart: beats about 100,000 times, pumping 2,000 liters of blood (except cornea, there are about 75 trillion cells of the body to receive blood from the heart)
-When we laugh, the lining of the blood vessels dilate, blood flow from the heart helps to flow through the entire body increased 20%.
-Honey! Shut stars eat
Chain blanket he eat money?
-So that devoured seamless
People beat hunger, tyranny still no
Child labor: building open,
Youth tough austerity origin people
To feed a flood orangutans
Dissipated, selling water, inviting, cheering.
“Open your mouth” star wars countless Chinese?
Perpetual lease expenses alcohol?
Italy Russia * 12/17/2016
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Also next?
Stalking, bent above
This Maldives drink, move on inheritance,
Other structures, touching, pushing included
Solid batons, procrastination hooligans.
Neighbors next to overflowing wealth
People below spoiled mere insecurity.
Non-institutionalized brutality
Enemy to scatter, stretch leveled What?
Italy Russia * 10/25/2016
Quote anthology will publish: THI cartoonist and reconnect
Speaking region noisy screw
Scheming, conniving gathered together screaming
Enemy ships supreme directive
“Heroes” is full lane?
Trenches were empty!
Several hundred generals scurried
Wearing shiny cans, paint … sell forest town
Mark … the jubilant:
– “First they still applications,
Do not stop enrichment! “
Corruption split drunk
Hunger milestone, the next time slowly
Air Force, Customs, Lu seems:
Looming military, military balance the vile?
How many “martyr’s” familiar?
Land, forests, mountains, sea …: Merit replenishment!
The date change “owner” instead of “me”
Party clearly a herd Vietnamese deviant Gian
Italy Russia * 10/25/2016
* Marines: VC only concern military satire corruption, bribery scavenged enrichment
> VC Marines call a ” Marine ‘
We breezes, distant things scathingly
Clustered, nibble, sarcastic people alone
How scandalous behavior gathered up compensation
Tung stinking flea market “internet”.
Mrs. losing streak since not all the same identical,
He also juggle crazy cavalier
Breeze dancing partying, forget about Chung
Luxuriant reclining finger “brothers” to exploit.
Italy Russia * 10/27/2016
Dilapidated COMMUNITY
Grandma! Bluff had finished!
Where to personality? Apparent decoy!
Red color, plated National identity
“Do you,” I hit I mince solicitations.
Brother brotherhood Infantry Journal
Still in the “war”, was “peace, peace” chi!
Water transport is still pain in jeopardy
Who happy to see numerous enemy borders?
They worried about EMG
Few people harm each other crazy spare.
Invited her out for mau
Fly with red Communist faction established.
Italy Russia * 11/24/2016
C him woodpeckers chisel on wood ply
E m plying drilling suffering no rest
Suffering falls, why Vietnamese people how man
V peace of mind at night in Independence?
Russia Italy, 11/20/2017
Party forever and then retreat back despicable
Petroleum scramble enemy, let alone well
Han bowed place where such party sitting
Wear the country, deprived of sovereignty.
Russia Italy, 11/20/2017
buffalo YOURSELF
Write no spleen, children commandments: transparent!
Whether writing about her own vices
Looking mistakes in mind: self-exclusion, see
Mai soft mouth, decrepit people still love?
Russia Italy, 11/19/2017