THE BEST IS Do not argue

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Photo: Sao Khue
Thematic STOP THAT!
Pungent betel, areca tart, lime concentration
Cho does not have! Buy no? Cheap cheap!
Two wheels is easy to purchase on
Add matchmaker, integrity swear soon!
Sweet fragrance will then
Rather pungent, warm, tart for couples.
Asia Nghi * 12/28/2016
Photo: Sao Khue
Who weighed weight weightlifting gold
Neglected small-balance, and on any competition?
How much effort into the
The word thin, fragile over there
No workers, community; want to subtract, divide?
People this way, who the other way: What fun?
Asia Nghi * 03/04/2017
Photo: Sao Khue
Do not argue
Injured two children: NL
There is chaos regret injury
There can not escape mildly outspoken
People flush rate, who confuse takes wisdom
Instability stamping center put all cranky.
Difficult rehabilitation stubborn little guy
Hammer Real Binh Dinh decided to close more
The whiny girl intelligent out
Angry dragon same sun, who calmly?
Cold War days as meditation
She calmed under gentle prism
His scholarly average …: calm, peaceful
As quiet as egalitarian qualities.
How evil will answer to the concentration
Two enemies will use the ally
How refreshing would quibble reckoning
Devotees holy door wide open Pacific.
Asia Nghi * 06.11.2016. /.
Presentation signature: Architect Tran Dinh Thuc
In no peace, no run: how to live?
Road expatriation Feel free to come.
K hip to them, “live and learn to imitate doctors” want “into the land of the West to find the truth,” but because of the Vietnamese Communists pressed into a corner so that their families had to find their way to the sea, crossing of the word to be survive, but nobody expected results were tragic:
This home killing seven, live three
After the National Sorrow, also: father, mother, man.
Houses evacuated nine other “she” *
Only foreign, mother, relatives sides.
H is your neighbor, but since the “March of the army” inside her up as Team Leader Zone Population Town of Ward 22, Tan Binh District, Saigon, the two end up doubting each other out side because: Family her family to swallow humiliation before these “cadres” socialism in South-proclaimed cousin, cousin to singer, bon, bon, coffee * possessions she brought home the North glory achievement aggression; while inside his family with his grandfather, father and little brother were deported to prison big North to near death for the crime of holding a gun to protect freedom for the South.
1979 both families have quietly crossed the border, and then accidentally met in a refugee camp (when he and she is sharing responsibility with the High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations to serve the common good for the people), at any misunderstanding that the newly freed. But then go their separate ways until reunited in a new school year in Vietnamese language school abroad. So they close for many years, and several injured in 1999:
She had not had alcohol level rise.
But why he left empty drunk?
Every day each more passionate!
They loved each other so madly.
Y êu so that the drag of the two families is too strong: her side, the mother said, her grandmother said to, but inside him, their parents said barrier, say and so little “boy cousin” of her family now became senior staff giants Africa (or say exactly contemporary “skin” obese “in” bringing the total expenditure relatives from the North to enjoy and encroachment of the area luxury homes of the South) .
Should the situation has nine … nine … nine … which is coming in 2018 and they still can not get married, she used to say to him: I have to wait another -Chac until nine … all 4 numbers have just been too general a ?
His young age not patriotic capital flows smiled: force that I will give you “sit cool, eat a bowl of gold”
Entertainment night only! Sitting cool then thank you, but your stomach is where you do not eat gold
-Well, then eat delicacies. But then sure we do not need to go through the procedure of marriage trouble discerning family two children anymore, huh? Or as I said to wait until the year 9999 alone should meet again where husband and wife? Yes, wait for each other to nine RUC!
-Now had already flying taxi! When that time came to be bad practices than what he procedure. I keep the house relative to the other so hedged, who stand?
Did -O! Mum and Dad that he can not fence snapped, and with anyone anymore.
-Ua, but sure we will spend two families born like that? Yes that … shows three generations!
He sighed passive filial:
Harmonic life or being exposed children?
She also contemplating seminars, hospitality and then blurted out:
-No okay darling! Also injured when their parents, on the day they pray and desire to be with you forever, the God who knows his trade, for unsatisfactory: public life would also like her life!
He should only know heartily gentle passive sigh, and she remembered the stupor of Saigon:
Those familiar memories,
The trade body has occupied half of the soul.
H sat quietly side by side, each with separate thoughts a long time.
Then suddenly not, he stripped a shoe thrown into the sea with all the anger. She frowned surprised glance at him, but then the police department in that pensive silence as eternal constant.
And so two people sitting until dusk ball tilted and still not break up. He’d worry about, but she also remembered the family harshly he had treated her should not dare to shake up his anger.
Feel free time to see her to punch back, he asked him quietly:
-Chac that make you sit for more than a sore back, right?
She nodded:
Entertainment night! I waiting for you to throw the other shoe always give yourself enough pair then go on!
He sarcastically:
Did -O! He also retained do? A then to be going anywhere!
She nodded:
–With back, his numbers alone do not maybe you let the other shoes and the odd poor you?
He laughed carefree:
-Make that I manually throw away, throw wreak angry!
She shook her head:
Force my hand by how his forces, making them drowsy em apart again fantastic with me now too!
Partakers with him to break the quiet atmosphere with loud laughter:
This photo angry force should be thrown away, now calm down and then, there is sure to throw it nor where hundred years to catch up with you honey. Or for him to swim, find the other, then toss them at the same time be close to each supplier?
She smarter:
-Don’t be where he, though at the same time that meets the waves it will not close together, the best is picked up, column 2 shoelaces tightly before the toss, they will be life together.
Waterproof fabric beach day, wire section apart, they would only honey!
Natural stabbed her grumpy unusual:
-We have the body, they must take care to use parts! I had arranged to force “noose” all the worry and do not even know? Keep the pending 9999 as he shall try to be! Items with RUC skeptical, bored him too! He threw gone on! Never mind! I do not wait anymore! He waited too long you also tired RUC and all the bones and items!
He stared at her surprise, her back suddenly not angry today? Cheer girls have:
Eyes riveting
Sweet romantic gesture,
Inviting aroma,
Bring a warm smile
And naturally he suddenly realized the last sentence of her so he orf … patriotic young shoots by: very active and optimistic, he runs into the sea, swimming Phang Phang toward the shoe just to give him an idea iron will and fierce hope. She also hugged float Phang Phang contingency and run under the sand, watching his every move underwater, heart secretly glad that the sea is calm today so …
A Europe with stars!
Waves calm sea but had their hearts and are rebelling! Who knows then he will do with the final warning as was her punishment?
It was happy for their partners but not nine nine nine … RUC!
They suddenly realize that life was happiness
Because love is brilliant sun angle.
Asia Nghi (Photo: AYD) Calgary, Canada * 11.29.2017.
* BA BABY> euphemism of coffee, carbon, (crying) cases, four (withdraw)
* 9 HER: whole families fleeing women: grandmother, grandmother, mother and 6 children.
England hangover, eager tingle;
I aligned to stand, walk
What people remember way
But they also tease?
Christmas, I’m discreet,
New Year is not public,
It is his plaited funding,
Throbbing heart than firecrackers.
A comb remember, do not know
St two injured, or not
I keep spicy ginger jam
Three comb invited, nagging.
Young children are not felt,
Make him weak at heart
Then the ball should just bubble
Love how that strange?
Asia Nghi * 24/12/2016
Photos & presentation: AYD & NV ~ TM

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