Asian senseless SUSPECTED: Vibration Heart
> Presentation, poetry inscription: SUN CALI, KIM LOAN, circulant, TAM HOÀI
Dealing with deaf people.
– What do you keep silent?
To his discomfort, alone in the
New sister do bear peace?
His first act scum, flowers and eye ne!
The new silent cooling … … listen!
Asia Nghi ** 10-7-2013.
I said about … “his house” *
Around enough thatched roof, garden beans,
(Unfortunately no mother, no father)
Birds every morning train until late.
Home balance: chopsticks, cups, knives and spoons;
Balance added: … here … here … Who fears Kia division.
Roses bloomed luxuriant
Nobody picked gifts, scented shine every day.
Individuals, clusters pruners
Coffee groves, this morning gave everyone shuffled?
I said … about the future!
Asia Nghi, 13-7-2013.
My house:
As one romantic marriage proposal, please understood in two senses:
2-The place you live.
Shy, babbles … kelp … “Love you!”
He also gaping under every torment: “Love? “
They collected more talkative
Uttered the word is … … much dose it!
Scruffy, trouble, odd,
Contrition contrition, fleece sweatshirts, dependence oh two.
Asia Nghi ** 13-7-2013
Comfort him no sun, fishing
No flooding rain, the first time gone?
Bo Bo Hon shuttle … Smelly
Said rod run, releasing the prey according to whom?
Bo … anyone remember choosing flowers
Sweet, pure from an aromatic … soap!
Asia Nghi ** 12-7-2013.
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thank authors
Alexandrine line of cute Asian Nghi seats!
X in the following verses jotted to contribute … to zdui nghen zde.
Photographer TO QUESTIONS
Thread entangled leaf gourd
Hurry idea snatch fish stick closely
Light within your leaves, lightly
Suddenly turned back, he moaned Hu Hu.
Sighing, only that   khù old!
Rod up sarcophagi, a monk is moderate.
Sent: Sunday, July 14, 2013 1:56 PM
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THE DIFFICULT, a wise man.
-Have Martha, cabinet minister? Pick out!
Select expenditure must also fears his meek
But do not grab all power
Manipulator abuses, around them laugh
Function Bullion, Gold Bullion
Vegetables, melons, beans salted with his life.
-Em bit more chilli, garlic, onions,
Potatoes, mangoes, rice, water, orange, lemon … How?
Un GMT learned as high?
Then the lack of advance, after chronic shortness of life!
-Really heart dare not obey
No rice, no rice! Water sky, moon light?
Ask him about the neighbors, asked the village:
Have children … bring virtually any corner ghost!
Asia Nghi
Brooks, AB, 10-7-2013.
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NEW primitive age.
Forget the rain, forget the sun outside
Happy to pass several long passion
New moon, new density, clumsy
Teach you step by step, silly hundred surface.
Asia Nghi ** 24-6-2013.
Who wants to remember!
-Change not crave? Not see the cravings
Listen, watch crave soft lips, eyes in.
“Remember me?” The decision that … no!
Me lip, her eyes not remember … People!
Remember forever is … smile
Fresh apples as inviting. Oh honey!
Asia Nghi ** 8-7-2013.
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Into the dark?
Err half of placenta
Where silence? Several continents over the bridge?
Spring was crushed silk shirt creased
People go where? How long for?
Asia Nghi ** 13-7-2013.
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Heart flutter
Flower petal himself today
Or butterfly wings flying is … yourself?
Decoding the hidden heartbeat
Silence that voice suddenly popped still hear.
United quietly, butterfly wings spread …
Asia Nghi ** 6-5-2014
TO PLAY THAT sweating!
He went spiraling like flying
My legs run forever, unloading or also turtles
Give more, you have to give in
Miss of “queen”, according to the “king” should reconcile.
“General Public” familiar marching rate
England striker, goalkeeper is you!
House hold, for day and night wear
Public enemy to gain shelf My house?
Asia Nghi
He wrote it with ** 6-5-2014