Asian love poetry SUSPECTED 10/13/2017: Dandruff Casinos
>> Photo: Ngoc Dung, N ~ NVT, PTV

bears living

Bailing bucket index casino competition
They should wives, husbands should realize seats!
What bunker disjointed, clumsy;
Today half of the province yet, half shyly countryside;
Each frame their own corner,
General conversation just laughed when experiencing village.
He laughed mockery: root page!
This party nails, hastily Who Kia
Circulating baskets, mosquito nets, baskets, flat baskets
Pretend cups, forks … furiously wiping fears.
-Who doubt tied into bunches
Spouses, children messy tails
Diu each buong combed down ….
British Coal: – At present as, Flies to follow!
Shallow bucket cheerfully slapped casino
Secured Kids: rural poor rural women radiate fragrance
Incense internal pasture, straw, straw
Intensive care sweet, wholesome rice every day.
Keep forever, not to change
Dandruff casino every slap, what sá bitter!
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017




Write instead N & Nh two grandchildren.
Laden blame him “dirty” so go!
“Flies” wished the elected full disengaged?
-Sometimes cheeks, little mole
Her mother discerning, skeptical and down criticism
How people, also very dread
Engineering, General, Colonel … multitalented filled out
Yes I draped,
Add rich maximum his village.
Mr. Thien negligence practice
Neglected Dot Typical Smart
Mother does not lavish wedding?
Britain to lie And, sir diurnal,
Solid time funding, while soft
New wedding until smooth … mole!
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017



Listen to your storytelling clown theater
Receiving what you lovely name?
Rock, you Saturday! Ask chi slurred?
-How about him: Sunday here ne!
Your too close together! Shy sister?
Where any strange or smudgy
His twin sister: peaceful “weekend”.
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017
Today successor Gen. sad gloomy
Redundancy back the lease, ham gloomy, weary
Not you, General must continent pot
Want to eat not perhaps lie, sit? The wrong one?
Injured people plying the Interior Minister
Last night all night long cooking
(Back cuffs, gray hair, wrinkles
Thua General difficulty suffering because qualify.)
This balance, lack of it! Wistful
No one suffered more accountable word processing?
Predawn darkness on
Alone cheerless, depressing miss you.
Overlooking the dusk
Add to Google pity see detailed vision?
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017


Romance me the half moon,
For just the opportunity to enjoy the lunar round vo
I do not think scruples
Appointment times, promised hot fire * crooked people.
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017
* Linger: gradually postponed forever


I greased, slippery tree saw that chills
Waiting since dawn, noon to pm
Sun rises, more rounded and distorted
He stumbled back as wheat withered.
Asia Nghi * 10/12/2017

“EN” GO!

Chemical examination 1 true story verbalization.
Write countrymen gave him L. and Quang Nam
Ni, numb, teeth, wash, limbs, tissues …
I invite: – “En for” * a bowl! I smile,
Scratching his head (one understood, dead fresh!)
What dishes seem strange? Em off embers
Lid: see porridge fragrant
That belly heaving nodded asked: – “En?”
– “En go!” I exchange, gentle lips.
I love dimples should … eat.
A bowl? I draw several times
Spicy Oh! Hot! (At cretinism … Merit)
– “En! En! “
Hot!   Abnormal eye discharge eye!
Spicy because … rabid mouth, not … mean: hup lia.
Puffy finish, sit till midnight
“En” no … pepper: no disc, no “go”
“En” finished bowl of porridge: the si!
Satiated “warm”. Breakfast tui ni words!
How warm a lifetime?
How determined are invited to visit?
Co … Money cheeks full moon lunar eclipse:
Heart decide accounted hundred years: enjoy … rich!
Asia Nghi, 051215./.
Pronounced accent Quang Nam:
* EN: eat
* Dog: porridge
* The food is very spicy Central


Familiar? He asked “do” anything?
Familiar then do … weird, I pass my instant!
Familiar strangers, familiar strangers is very annoying!
All much more enthusiast who plays drums Si?
Loss of thrilling water
Remove dried leaf chlorosis, throw away stars had?
School exam, the purpose incontrovertible:
High beans, enough points to spend more fun!
Familiar, weird, better
Please he-who-big-her-menu for each!
Amenities Asia, 031 215.
FOUL! Hong added fuel! Leisure *
My house wares fragrant flowers
I plugged yellow jubilantly happy incense
Spring is, more calming smell flowers:
Ylang he donated, stars “Smelly! Gaping cravings! “?
Amenities Asia, 031 215.
Q: pronounce letters of Southerners ONLY
Í pink head A DENTAL!
-Auto beautiful street course,
Natural leaved flowers do not laugh,
Most people naturally injured,
Fresh flower petal by Mesmerized affair.
End of media soul, and with all chickened kiss
People injured out? Blasphemy too then!
A man is not it! One only!
Nghi 031215. ** Asia /.
From: Tram Bao
Sent: Fri, Oct 7, 2017 11:15 pm
Subject: Dear please help document the English band of self-defense war in Vietnam Cong Hoa

Ladies and gentlemen in all forums,
Dear former Republic of Vietnam Veterans
Dear all fellow Republic of Vietnam abroad
Currently, in Minnesota, a team is doing a film about the Vietnam War including many Americans and Hmong (Laos people through the United States since 1969). This film is Hmong Congressional Campaign Minnesota is granted a 95 million dollars amount to make.
The film almost similar to Viet Nam War, the current crew needed documents honest about the war in Vietnam, especially documents on military campaign against the people of South Vietnam communist invaders.
You siblings that document the battle in 1975 was written in English, please send me or doctor Ha Wall,
HT BS graduate in the US, is now joining the group VN only criticism of the film is done. (called groups, but currently only has 1 VN and two veterans)
BS Report critical need because there are two Americans in the crew detected in all the wrong film and a Vietnam War film similar way, and they were invited by Dr. Ha Tuong collaboration
In this film refers to the campaign Laos, the Laotian now called Hmong MN lot, including Senators and Congressman states, grouped filmmakers interviewed on film, they all say campaign in Laos, the VN very cowardly, only the brave Hmong fighting communists only.
BS remember and more people join peer groups, but because I am not a direct witness of the self-defense campaign against communism before 1975. So I’m just collecting documents sent to the group only. Unfortunately document, though English is not enough, they need to interview witnesses directly as the Hmong. The crew estimated exposure ARVN soldiers will in early 2018
We sincerely hope you who can witness live or know someone voluntarily testify live, please contact via email below Wall BS. First crew will interview Training and stars, if necessary, they will arrange for your participation in the delegation that the film, like the Hmong.
The Hmong have an advantage over us as they speak English like the wind, though not write in English, should be interviewed and they all pretty much say soldiers VN very cowardly, Dr. Wall is controversial not because BS wall itself is not South Vietnam veterans, which is just before 1975 BS Civil alone, the United States continued to have an MD school official.
We wish you please help for the honor of the former South Vietnamese soldiers and also for the common good of the country we VN. If we do, at least to remove intentionally removing some of the history of film misspell Vietnam War
Thank you so much
Because to keep the limit of Dr. email Ha Tuong, please do want to contact Dr. HT, please separate email to me, I will send a separate e-mail records of Dr. HT to precious brothers and sisters there.
Bao Tram
Here is the first document to your availability of US veterans in the group three reviewers
Scott Walker   | Coalition Director
Vietnam War Veterans Coalition of Allied
Subject: Vietnam War Episode links for the Documentary 
Date: October 6, 2017 at 7:22:30 AM CDT

Here are all the links to all the episodes of the Vietnam War documentary series to.
I will use links on our những page commentary.
07: The Veneer of Civilization (June 1968-May 1969) http://www.tpt.org/the-vietnam-war/video/the-history-of-the-world-april-1969-may-1970-bkyda2/ 08: The History of the World (April 1969-May 1970) http://www.tpt.org/the-vietnam-war/
09: A disrespectful Loyalty (May 1970-March 1973) http://www.tpt.org/the-vietnam-war/

10: The Weight of Memory (March 1973-Onward) http://www.tpt.org/the-vietnam-war/video/the-weight-of-memory-march-1973-onward-9l7gyj/

Hope this is helpful.


Nữ Sinh Đi Chợ

> T boundary, photos, music spectrum:  
Le Thuy Vinh, NV ~ TM, Bao Tram, Nguyen Thanh Tai, LMST, Le Ngoc Chau.
> About the site:
VINH LONG Thu Khoa Huan.
Girls go for?
He did not say you’re pretty as fairies
By saints, first he had never seen before
Nor criticized as vague devil
But surprise surprise before beauty.
Seems fanciful self-contained fascinated him
Never once looked one heart parted.
Kids welcome rain, briefcases shy tunic
Not in class, I bought something at the market?
Asia Nghi, 11/14/2017
Presentation: BAO TRAM
(Excerpt collection of poems to be published)

Bushy Bushy



Old duck, he quit looking for Chicken
Then find Elbows chatter, especially Dove!
Dove did not really ask:
“Petals small, pretty enough grip on the head”
Chicken, chicken USA?
Whole grain blatantly insisted those li
Agriculture Chicken, Duck Know Go
Feeding tired, seamless power failure
Such children are tender
Child spend money … money … just ask.
Wild Dove is how many years?
Elbows Nhí better, hoax, take … home!
Get him off the finished Nhí
He turned on the Ducks, wait … breeding age.
Cooking duck, duck dropped bait jar
Garbage day grub guy, myocardial infarction night.
Duck, chicken, Cut Kids … not found
He had convulsive, silent from here.
For turkey duck I?
Made people freeze, snow filled both hands!
Where cold soul tonight?  
Dove: Bo, the! Presented nets again later
Yet also very quickly stretched mesh:
– “Petals small …” get rich quick
Gentle, silkily:
“Hey Brother!
No flowers, no seeds!
Only a big win. “
Asia Nghi, 11/14/2017
SOLDIERS still single
To trade, to remember to whom?
To stay the roadside locust nature?
One to remember, to trade?
Nobody gentle to lingering love!
Asia Nghi, 11/14/2017
TN donate your wedding day two
I closed my eyes for a few seconds to understand
Quick confession darts title
Between how much is put out guidance bees Butterflies
Love Buds bloom trot.
It took several hours to no treatment
Hot afternoon sun blazing star cheek?
Tim tangled rem under the heat has cravings
Front: tasting drafts without cooling.
Amazing! How to escape?
Psychedelic vision full of strange stars?
Do something big and small: Impossible!
Just silly all day … poet.
It took ten years to think carefully
He persevered, I reasoned heart,
Hiding he went looking,
Long test: two hearts merge!
Happy happy! Centennial love not lose
Love again and again ecstatic rhythm nonchalant
Happy sweet molasses forever fade
Road erotic always integrity, constancy!
Asia Nghi, 11/14/2017

Who is Love – Being in Love


Set for NO

He brought home a hurricane,
She brings more rain in big air
So the house all night
Noisy, wet, dirty roof situation.
Quarreled truss columns wonky
Forums bewildered, appalled corner
Mother, father, tired mouth, heartbreaking
Never good sunshine, the sky in return?
Hugging children cried Martha
Hungry children, he satisfied her.
Asia Nghi, 11/14/2017
How hard!
Bent down to the grass, grass small percentage anxiety
Looked up at him, he distracted the public.
Looking where to alleviate choked
Find refuge ru sweet naive?
Asia Nghi, 11/14/2017
Remember, remember, remember to go?
Remember back, remember to do, hard heart?
Remember the past, remembering in circles
Why are you familiar with a love river?
Yeah bright afternoon in bed alone
I do not wake labored unhappy thing!
Asia Nghi * 14/11/2017


Start with something vague:
Rain, sun, wind … pretending to praise, criticism
Summer rain tilt, wind winded
Disheveled acquainted awkward mood.
First gingerly, gentlest
Open love of history, black sky cloudy rhyme
Thunder sound several times
Countryside thunderbolt still lost treasure: Express!
Two hidden wisdom
Wear heaven crying, silent you smile
I laugh? All suffering a person!
Find not the word, swimming guts!
Hand: dose, he just took raid
Thank you still wise sage bow
Heart rate at the beginning, where
Natural four pools, five continents gathered
Filled dam for arrhythmia
He needs rain profusely till late.
General from the five other schools
New this year is the same divide … sidewalks.
Who is to say?
Tell anyone listening?
Hands … say … a warm breeze enough already!
Son of God would appreciate his
Public Allies Lifetime speak for shipment
How hard after school sessions
According to you, do not fret ngoáy look
Who would have thought, was I believe
My heart is clear as in: the same!
Asia Nghi, 11/14/2017

SAD sisters

Share with Hang.
It is the end first love challenges
Gander brandishing clogs time Saigon,
Time tunic, bike run bon bon
The time shuttle, corner shop brittle laughter.
So the end! Is pleased to find serenity,
All sunshine haze soon!
Will heal as time passes away
No attachment, beat heart attack less suffering.
Asia Nghi, 11/14/2017

SAD snow scenes

Snow is still white, the sky still blue
But that was not his
Should spend sadness buckling dread


Italian glass Russian newspaper:
from 01/01/2018
Authors will stop posting to the Readers  
lost contact in 2017.
N does not want to receive majestic post again please know nhé!
TET is offline
Read LIVING NEW # 426, 02/19/2010
No wonder gifts brought clippings relating bribe
Quan Tanh bending “go Tet superiors” [a]
Vulture subordinate offices demanding reparation:
“Offers traditional” husband on “customary gifts”!. [b]
Enjoy full Heads pachyderm gifts
Prime bored “customary gifts”, urging: – Envelopes! [c]
Claiming lucky, youngest brother had to spend
Full implementation Comrade comrades and celebrate!
Eat? Style, customs, systems, packages …
TV: – Eat up!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017
[a] “go Tet superior”: words of the people in the country.
[b] According NEW LIFE # 426, page 22:
“Minister Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed:
government just ban a gift by public money alone, while not
restrict gifts tradition and customs “
[c] Envelope: cash, checks, remove the envelope.
GA Italian cartoonist contest (11/16/2017)
Paintings, pictures and introduction:
ACLA, AYD, Bao Tram,
Do not be angry! Nostalgic gritted teeth LIN!
Learn kindness, qualities masters
Fleeting life, forgive! Exceptions:
Gnashing, gritting, gritting: heart worn teeth excruciating!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017
Write no spleen, you drop poetry recitation
Then became passionate writing
What song is finished, reread and self … Coffee
And so every night on set, so …
This book edited the rundown clumsy,
Other book included: choosing some such medium,
Poetry printing is complete, pick “star” full redundancy letters,
Bag that contained not a pleasant word.
Wasting ink, this place yet delicate:
Simple things such stars bring picky?
Talk to that, indescribable tiny?
Poetry with the kidneys, brain blame perfectionist!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017



Take heart, take force,
Do not devoured each other,
Find ways to cope
Save Mother Earth is sick!
Each treetops, feet underground
Republican brave soldier
Swimming in the smoke
How dangers.
Keeping Our native, Ancestral Land
Each stream, river.
Though overwhelmed guns sky
Soldiers had contributed.
Now blatant party
Brought unto the enemies
Wear Han aggressors swallow
Party play swinging.
Vietnam time is triumphant
Wait enemy to rob,
Party react sham
I hope nothing changes?
Brother gathered,
Hold Fire and circulating
Wholeheartedly stick
Defend this castle!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017


Drop sadness into poetry
Past and now
Thousands rhyme: unfortunately closed mind,
Yun: baked million trust dream!
Drop me in sorrow
Trade old mother, her children,
Remember how many friends
Feeling brought round vo!
Sadness, nostalgic elephants
Poetry is not enough sun tilt,
Sad not deflect land
How carefree soul?
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017

Descendants PARTY

Where the young heroes of old Mother Earth
With hands not move the earth and sky,
Slim and sky, the first place where the stone,
New spirit which expect to pay up?
Where academic knowledge is always reaching out to?
But decrepit, decrepit, drink all year round,
Which dissipated the “modern”, lazy
Discrete pedestal body, naughty or, sleazy?
Descendants “doctor” so that much money?
How reliable, resource depletion may sell
Children swim back, who warrant husk ancestors
Rivers, mountains, the sea, the sea … the enemy gradually undiminished.
Sported school, eat delicious adept
Poisoning each other, kill wildlife hunting,
Do lightly but slobbering jubilantly
Who keeps kingdom trick mung wards, enjoy?
Lazy school, claiming the sky “figure the tool”
Diligent dissipated satiate themselves, learn to change your life
Party slack off, bringing depravity invite
Hurricane Flood tantalizing whole nation!
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017
* Marine gastropods: swamp wetland areas, many grass


Donate your body Scout leaders were so young that always engage sacrificial service.
-Say lie was malformations
How do we believe?
Mi add as many as confidential
But still not sweet words.
Stubborn mortar, pestle
Mi wrong, we correct this word to the other
Mi hear say not behold?
How do I send mi right that respect?
Key said before gab
Listening, silence is the financing of mi
It is eager to win first or second nature
Should anyone mi exquisite packaging: attention.
Mi always also deep:
-Minh hear! Just tell … bruised lips tongue
Mind when got it
Do not crush, drifting intimate!
How much is the story of grievances
Night I told her about my understanding.
Out the forgiveness utility school
Practitioners, parents, who, soot: a brother.
Russia Italy, 16/11/2017
The Russians would like to introduce and thank the Editorial Board’s website:
 Mountain Top SMALL
 May 9.2017
 May 8.2017
 May 6.2017
 month 10.2017
 month 11.2017


NGA Italian poetry: The Challenge.
Paintings, photos & presentation: ACLa , NV ~ TM
Introducing T-KNOWN web roasted pine

PARTY robbery
Look not seen dogma must cranky
Anything, tasting tasteless food also,
Odorless smell? Such stinking tired body!
How dirty, inhuman? Party empty handed!
Russia Italy, 11/18/2017
Presentation: ACLa 

He boasted very learned “uncle”
Knowledge than a boyfriend
Anything understanding
“Uncle, learned” this they … Ho?
She boasted more power
Then equivocal red, black
Red proud stance,
We wait for someone praise?
Personality them traitorous,
Not distinguish right from wrong,
Arrogant and proud
Where to get beat, referee?
How minded?
University is doing, why so?
General such road will
Decision precarious avoid them!
Russia Italy, 11/18/2017
* UYEN: literally abyss
Incense BA
Last year’s snow kept looking small percentage
New Jersey was crying Three winter,
This winter is still here but cry.
When you lose: autumn, winter, summer; who cry?
Image: NV ~ TM
A Tribute
12 Musicians were common position of 92 poems by author
with unselfish heart is very respectable:
LMST, Nguyen Van Thanh, Ngoc Chau L.,
La Mong Thuong Mai Dang Huong Mien,
Nguyen Huu Tan, Bong Adventure, T242, Bui Kim Cuong.vv …
Solemnly commemorate:
uncle Tran Anh Bang and The Long Musicians
The audio transmission Musicians on Music
Wonderful melodious notes of the soul
Do shine age dawn twilight
Do limp than the loneliness.
Pull the remote close astray
Rather outspoken sobbing joys and sorrows,
Rather kiss when deprivation, restless
How painful is sublimated warm.
Si bass notes is forbidden fruit slowly,
Is whispered as passive Mi mind,
A major scholarship is awarded lyrical
Poems rely, quietly established their home.
Thang notes, Christmas conveyer into the sea
Tune picked, put frustrations broken drill boo
Bring song became choked United Center
Music rage overflowed each history.
And so, according to the poet preserve music
Soul of Vietnam, though thousands of miles tha
Cherished nostalgic circuit connected with homeland
Trade you very epic patriotic line!
Or know what the ecstatic enthusiasm!
Kia Quang Tri epic “our flag flying”
Kia Dong Ha, Cam Lo “fun today”
Along hold L UA, music which arose here.
Agonized poetry, music soft harmony
Overcoming the darkness praise the sun
Is the heart, poetry waited for smiles
Volleyball vitality, poetry music for breath.
Car flags brightly colored universal childhood dread,
Poetry dream for the country freely,
People prosperous, happy and shouting,
Poetry wait as there are for each wind music.
Bid blood, choked rate expressed
People tough: poetry, music EMG cry.
Hun Train the telltale shadow box
To re-enslave landslides, assimilation.
Not only are: music, poetry charm too!
Warm home each note humming
Young or old singer also spoke wine
Truly priceless these lofty smoother!
Russia and the UK ** Italy 23/10/2016
Russia Italy, 11/18/2017
OR “win”?
Gift siblings Look-Brown (Calgary, Canada)
Loved his birthday V.
get a day use their talent with “her” fish
Despise suffering, death stars in great recipe?
Fish challenging, exciting fishing lure
His lake no fish: catfish, perch …
Naive person, individual “performances” contestants sweat
Condescension: eat map … “worship”.
Resources compete, admiring Thanks tri enlightenment
Bushy Bushy duck inh ovation both lakes:
Fish and people: who persistently come on!
Fish won … number, hovering midday sun poured.
Bait: sunset, clean … “ultra”
I asked:
– Vo … her how many troops?
He laughed:
– Being the son … dried monkey!
Integrated treatment, fish … day she *
Get preferential treatment, “dry monkey boy” when … suffering
Wriggle tail, eyes and laughed, spoiled:
Little breeze “her” Gypsy yeast victory
Do not take away the Chopping Wood Beijing.
Italy Russia * 25/09/2016
* This lake pike fish only severance
* Yes: party
Dried Monkey >> euphemism into: when suffering
* Message Language 3 word “lake” with 3 different means: the lake (lake), spoiled, Gypsy
Background pink dominate any immoral
This generation of education such expenditure
Later generations nothing recorded history?
Party ruled: hero of “paralysis” Master!
Italy Russia * 10/08/2016
Uncles ITS
“Father” of it have been forgetting
Stars “uncle” it not wise !?
Oh “Father nation”
Stars that “Dad” children!
Water like some military zone
Han aggressors sit in books
“Uncle,” it clearly … lú
“Notice” of it?
Emerge stupid!
Malicious enemy invasion
Ethnic worry restlessness,
It sells water haste,
Not bear to bury!
“Father” of which teach
Uncle it out game
Atheist whole goose
Luxuriant imitate Marx,   Lake.
Nobody noi … CHILD *
Sao independent, freedom?
Lu: it, “Uncle” and “Aunt”
“Father” of the crime behalf:
Bring to hell else
“Hell” is people worry!
Uncle, uncle, it cruel
Where happiness and wealth?
People gentle, naive
Feeding leaders to
Lay that makeup
People hungry, “Uncle emerge … lo” *?
Italy Russia * 10/19/2016
* Idioms: “Father it lú also pay it wise”


Page NGA Italian poetry & crafts pens:
My heart
Photos & presentation:
MARIO PACHERA, PTV, QS & Collectibles
Introduction website:
Three tough moment pave the way deadlock,
When addiction risk only well informed way
Thanks arms embrace, the lap record,
Public vegetative please cherish lifelong.
How strenuous, difficult road strange
Not themselves reach all today
Parts exile must trust outsiders
How hardship always intense.
Thanks to see how you nurture personnel,
Just avoid presentation captivated astray
Though born stumble should still sew
Overcoming difficult at times lonely, helpless.
Three children step through motivation
School or get married confirmation, the shoulder joint,
Talented help meet future growth
Thanks widely. Remuneration was cramped.
Poetry should try prompted thousands of beauty
To contribute words, give holiness high bar
Know how grace, never once
Enough how glorious rewards received.
Russia Italy, 11/21/2017
Comments actors read medical literature.
Hard all day and night do not manage
Putting the entire European animal blood relatives
Such as beating cancer diligence
Should the left lung due to heart “give way”?
Four months pregnant, suffering heart rhythm started
Clapping rhythm unborn have diligently
Beating all day since he was “coltish”
Private source electromagnetic pulse so strong!
Tim even leave people remain healthy
Bear waiting for transplant to save people,
Bear joyful day beating hundred thousand times
Resources blood pumping two thousand liters per day.
Where good heart that merits must be at
Blood circulating lung, brain, headline feet …
Lying, standing, walking … beating full part
How many billions of cells need to receive blood.
So precious a good heart
Beating for people, raising fresh beautiful life
Persons injured please take forever laughter
Tim optimistic both poetry childhood there!
Russia Italy, 11/21/2017
According to medical literature:
-All parts of the body can get cancer than heart
Smaller fruit pulp because heart
-Find fetus starts beating at 4 weeks in the womb and only stop when people die. If separated from the body in time, it was still beating, thanks to the electric pulse source
separate itself.
-Each day 1 healthy heart: beats about 100,000 times, pumping 2,000 liters of blood (except cornea, there are about 75 trillion cells of the body to receive blood from the heart)
-When we laugh, the lining of the blood vessels dilate, blood flow from the heart helps to flow through the entire body increased 20%.
-Honey! Shut stars eat
Chain blanket he eat money?
-So that devoured seamless
People beat hunger, tyranny still no
Child labor: building open,
Youth tough austerity origin people
To feed a flood orangutans
Dissipated, selling water, inviting, cheering.
“Open your mouth” star wars countless Chinese?
Perpetual lease expenses alcohol?
Italy Russia * 12/17/2016
Published on,
Also next?
Stalking, bent above
This Maldives drink, move on inheritance,
Other structures, touching, pushing included
Solid batons, procrastination hooligans.
Neighbors next to overflowing wealth
People below spoiled mere insecurity.
Non-institutionalized brutality
Enemy to scatter, stretch leveled What?
Italy Russia * 10/25/2016
Quote anthology will publish: THI cartoonist and reconnect
Speaking region noisy screw
Scheming, conniving gathered together screaming
Enemy ships supreme directive
“Heroes” is full lane?
Trenches were empty!
Several hundred generals scurried
Wearing shiny cans, paint … sell forest town
Mark … the jubilant:
– “First they still applications,
Do not stop enrichment! “
Corruption split drunk
Hunger milestone, the next time slowly
Air Force, Customs, Lu seems:
Looming military, military balance the vile?
How many “martyr’s” familiar?
Land, forests, mountains, sea …: Merit replenishment!
The date change “owner” instead of “me”
Party clearly a herd Vietnamese deviant Gian
Italy Russia * 10/25/2016
* Marines: VC only concern military satire corruption, bribery scavenged enrichment
> VC Marines call a ” Marine ‘
We breezes, distant things scathingly
Clustered, nibble, sarcastic people alone
How scandalous behavior gathered up compensation
Tung stinking flea market “internet”.
Mrs. losing streak since not all the same identical,
He also juggle crazy cavalier
Breeze dancing partying, forget about Chung
Luxuriant reclining finger “brothers” to exploit.
Italy Russia * 10/27/2016
Dilapidated COMMUNITY
Grandma! Bluff had finished!
Where to personality? Apparent decoy!
Red color, plated National identity
“Do you,” I hit I mince solicitations.
Brother brotherhood Infantry Journal
Still in the “war”, was “peace, peace” chi!
Water transport is still pain in jeopardy
Who happy to see numerous enemy borders?
They worried about EMG
Few people harm each other crazy spare.
Invited her out for mau
Fly with red Communist faction established.
Italy Russia * 11/24/2016
C him woodpeckers chisel on wood ply
E m plying drilling suffering no rest
Suffering falls, why Vietnamese people how man
V peace of mind at night in Independence?
Russia Italy, 11/20/2017
Party forever and then retreat back despicable
Petroleum scramble enemy, let alone well
Han bowed place where such party sitting
Wear the country, deprived of sovereignty.
Russia Italy, 11/20/2017
buffalo YOURSELF
Write no spleen, children commandments: transparent!
Whether writing about her own vices
Looking mistakes in mind: self-exclusion, see
Mai soft mouth, decrepit people still love?
Russia Italy, 11/19/2017


NGA Italian cartoonist contest 23/11/2017
Poetry, literature, music, painting and presentation:
The NGA, LMST, slips the ball, Hoang Dung Le Thuy Vinh, Nguyen An, TN,
We accomplice simultaneously pink background
The same fellow, red capitalists copper tone
Thanks to concerted and corruption “universal”
Bring money laundering co disease, way out!
Russia Italy, 11/23/2017
At the bureaucracy: [same as interrelated]
Why make CANCER?
Quote Biếm Politics Exam will publish*
Polished appearance, smoother
Deep in the gut rot melon, tomato, ginger, potato …
Full chemical laced “foreign”
No packaging, no label, humanity of murder.
Uncertain origin, the US population
Khan once ingested how post-painting?
Far from original know Tau
General suffering poor, wealthy private dining party
Spend eating wild neighbors
Packaging peeling, cut labels, party abstained. too familiar
Hand party “turned the blessing”
Vietnamese time how industry profiteers to eat.
Party food foreign goods, not near
Europe, Australia, America … all distant parts
Garages which is sitting pretty
Ruled the galaxy (once in the cancer)
Cancer provided “envelope” *
Slipper–, helmet slowly “up”
Forward all “win, sustainable”
Who does not like to proceed?
Blanket and sleep away!
West shoes, hats felt shortage
Molting our Party, the second most prosperous.
Star party has no right to worry?
Thanks to poison, big rich house party.
“Proletarian” Deaf speaker!
Leave the room?
Bosnian-the-red-blind dissipated!
Russia Italy, 11/23/2017
* Secretary: People do well to have the envelope bribe, the new party is finished

Books, Artist Nguyen Huu Nhat presentation




International visitors followed that revealing camisole?
Oh national feeling humiliated difficult silence!
Ai national costume beautiful long have hard to find?
Breeze “national identity” stripped the country can apply?
Russia Italy, 11/23/2017
* NATIONAL CAN: can traditional and honor of a country.

Books will be published, presenting BAO TRAM

Tongxiang ask!
Thing these guys are dirty Refugee Community.
Key companion? More … key!
Follower? Professionals … bike!
Under Vietnamese sawn space, divided
Friends? * Full … jar sauce
Foul smelling fellow …?
Refugees confused
Recommend skeptical to soft lips
Still humiliated roots.
Party “grown man” strange
“Fruit” bitter yeast to solicit
Sang is also the envelope,
Red, pink bring bribe?
Fellow colleagues
“Advantages * Vietnam” truth all know
Why are hurt
Honorary Vietnamese race?
Find ratings in private rooms,
Let blinds closed the door again,
Lunch also sit in a row,
Slightly addicted, craving for lounging?
Director thanks to advice
Because staff snoops
People smiling sage
Shook his head, saying no unanswered.
We humiliated them names
Nguyen, Tran, Le, office, market …
Just slowly climbing
Thanks to rely somewhat lean, bump
We come basis jealous
(At the same flavor, not colleagues)
Employees are a phen
Watch free comedy.
Relative? Rancid stale controversy
Her children to grandmother
Fight like cowboy
“Ducks Kieu” My excuses!
Russia Italy, 11/23/2017
* FRIENDSHIP, BENEFITS VIETNAM: pronounced southern accent as nephrotic, U DIỆT
READERS invite you enjoy songwriting
Musicians Coupon Bong  
The Russian poet (at bottom of page), music BONG votes, presents: Vote Down
Musician:   LMST
YOUNG STAR van den?
Tall grass capita occupancy
Water flooded waist, whispering wind and rain
Slimy jungle, mud excess
Mo shrimp, snails? Noon looking for?
Why not kick events, balls?
Kids poems guilty too: leather lead, skinny
Soaked all day, crouched
Space gray, dark fields.
“I’m good” of all-that-pink
But unlucky star, not rice, naked?
Italy Russia * 06/03/2017
Year end party pompous gold
Between people worry: Party xênh Gas
Eager to win bragging color “monumental”
Debauchery, drinking class boasted rows.
New Year all! The mercy that endless!
Sprawl hundred termites do not own
Non am waiting water water garden
How difficult future, the party know …
Italy Russia * 07/02/2017
PATRIOTIC writers, civilians
(Quote anthology rockets # 36, written with 31 Van Thi Huu 2014)
              Since the day arrived   lands free from communism to the present, never the Vietnamese patriots us, inside and outside the country, despite the departure because the word freedom or still stay with them wrong right, all is as sitting on a giant fire smoke, diurnal track Que Nha news that painful bowels, low aromatic anxiety at the sight will lose water easily narrowly:
“Beer used a fever late winter
Shed tears spring to flush the line “
(Flower Fairy # 15, 2004, page 161, poet Liu Thai Dzo)
This two verses Save Thai Dzo wrote in 2004 which now read as Author heard just finished writing today. Goodness is injured for VN!
39 years is a lengthy journey of one’s life, especially those who have to leave their country for freedom as we do.
39 years have passed.
How much talent has sunk beneath the sea floor?
How many have died is not a grave in the concentration camps of the communist barbarism?
How many have died unjustly Prison in Big VN?
How many children poetry, outstanding youths of the country had died on the way slavery or prostitution original home?
And the final, also original home: how many people VN exile laid down in feeling resentment when looking
Our native? Much, sir You Read!
“You look about the country, rancor
People watching back home, stomach bitter “
(Flower Fairy # 35, 2014, page 83, verse Even Hau)   
From overseas “looks for”, the exiled writers like us: together brings hearts love art harmony in every sentence, word poetry with the desire to serve the students and celebrate the beauty of life . Whether honoring love or honor the patriotism, the people of Hoa Tien, through many personnel changes, we always try to go on the path of art for HUMAN and consistent expressed a tough stance : not a hand with four Vietnamese and VC space treason.
“I contribute here hearts
Before turning danger of Non Song “
(Flower Fairy # 29, 2011, page 41, poet Kim Anh)
Once the country still do not have authority, nations have to live under the rule of cruel of them wrong right then you artists we have a duty to continue to write and remind each other: the Day of Infamy not stop stop.
When VN has not really been liberated from the slavery of communism, the compositions we can not betray the confidence in the justice of our compatriots are domestic and overseas! Most are unable to fall into enemy hands Han VN:
“One thousand years of domination as long as no shame?
Why it had to quietly drift oranges! “
(Flower Fairy # 26, 2009, page 164, poet Hoang Dung)
Flower Fairy was born more than 17 years.
Civil rights, human rights and freedom in his compositions will be worthless if the artist does not know love country spawned the language they use.
Whether a collection does not represent the army of South Vietnam Military Highway but Flower Fairy is one of the few overseas collections have been delighted to welcome the Pen patriotism, love for the people.
Four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter: Flower Fairy are very pleased and appreciate all compositions written with this topic. Because, maintain cultures that VN is not enough to maintain the source of love her homeland. Literature who serve, serve something to pass on to future generations is something we are always anxious.
Flower Fairy sincere many thanks the contributions of all wealth Van Thi Huu, Friends and benefactors of the Flower Fairy in as many years. No You, Flower Fairy did not survive until today. Many thanks You have:
“Along the coast in, decanting cloudy, warm divided
Artists love tolerance and respect “
(Flower Fairy # 35, 2014, page 135, the Italian poet Russia)
Please join cultivate for Doa Hoa Tien radiant Forum on overseas competition.
Finally, to borrow a poem of Wushan:
“Glorious scenery immense too!
Thank this dear earth “
(Flower Fairy # 31, 2012, page 36, verse Wushan)
We wish all of you happy and healthy.
Italy Russia, 28/05/2014. (mosaic 11/23/2017)
  From: Hoa`ng Du ~ ng 
To: Italy Russia
Sent: Wed, May 28, 2014 8:45 pm
Stand Up The Oi!
(Feelings after reading the poetry of Italy Russia & Huainan)
Poetry you rise fire hero
Coast each general feeling bitter
How eager dispel darkness in wait
My people stand up – move forward together!
Three years before, wait forever star?
Hometown divided Labor Party Train
Where giang san Leopard build still beautiful
Sin plus high pile map.
Ban Gioc, Changsha has constitutional and
Highlands is about to lose it!
Thousand years of domination – as long as no shame?
Blooming orange star had to quietly drift?
Tears flowed under the definition of poetry
Hometown expectations flag design
Background Yes – Stripes – Red loving it
How millions of people look to the dream.
Please turn to the country love
Joining hands to rebuild the thing u ti ê
What was lost, we won again
Vietnamese water as the old, good-looking.
Hoang Dung

Chỉ Một Lần Thôi – Phiêu Bạc


NGA Italian poetry: MOTHER
Photo LE THI nostalgia
Painting Le Thuy Vinh
Handmaid: Embracing You-Lech *
Bulletproof cladding You-La *
Three taps: À-La-bamboomat
Loud the whole house.
Unfinished egg dishes
Have: – Coffee! Oranges! Tea…!
Who whirring things stand:
Chef? Only a grandmother!
Trade MOTHER: “unemployment”
Only … housewife after all!
Italy Russia, 26-2-2014.
* The word of Nguyen Thuong CHIEF
“Omelette”: egg beaten up in, and for p á ng together and then pour into the pan eg along the Kratie n.
“OEUFS au plat”: egg fry quickly over a pan of oil , keep the yolk still liquid in between whites (runny)
* ‘Oeuf à la Coque “: lightly-cooked boiled eggs
Trade MOTHER: “unemployment”
Only … housewife after all!
Italy Russia, 26-2-2014.
* The word of Nguyen Thuong CHIEF
“Omelette”: egg beaten up in, and for p á ng together and then pour into the pan eg along the Kratie n.
“OEUFS au plat”: egg fry quickly over a pan of oil , keep the yolk still liquid in between whites (runny)
* ‘Oeuf à la Coque “: lightly-cooked boiled eggs
Great enthusiast rain chorus little cup.
Mom baked potatoes are hand small dust,
Aromatic fragrance under the smoke flying
Murmuring harmonies let water slowly.
Italy Russia, 8-3-2014
To Italy, Cheek people learn languages:
-Read like mantra! Word choice, L:
-sei bellla! Sei brava! *
“Uncle,” no one understood. Cheeks said, acpt already!
Come on! Please do not laugh
I was born who was … Phu Bong *
Visit a few weeks, which each expect:
-Come on, my boy! Exile sad!
How did the spokesperson
The sentence “mantra” put put “pollution … a”? *
Italy Russia, 10-3-2014.
* Sei bellla! Sei brava !: she beautiful, she good (Italian
often ending in a or o, depending on the action
from male or female division).
* Phu Bong of Quang Nam.
Looked him,
Alas incredible!
Putting lip sip of milk
Fatty, aromatic, remember Cheeks an arduous life.
Shady bold hair time
But also some fibers, black is the color point
Clouds gather as rain melancholy
Cheek injured at first thought lonely silver.
The cloud is the cloud better
Not as noisy tears Cheeks bu midnight
Trade Cheek, every day more injured
Pray Cheeks soon see peace move.
To the replanting of the “flowers”
Real “gold” before Lane, the house will be happy.
Mom loved! Please remove pity.
Injured child, a small percentage, wipe Cheeks hear!
Italy Russia, 03/11/2007.
Photo Collector
Red roses
This rose Ullambana
First time recipients
To record your heart, gentle Mother
Of children alive.
Shaking hands get roses
Sac No meaning understood
Knew as illusory
Round fame hard work.
Mom son not to
Lengthy ramp-Martha
Go, never again
Mother for the whole country.
His country miserable
How life misery
Should the situation not perfect
Near Mother to signaling.
Mother’s tears fall more
How much self-wiping?
Immense gratitude Mother
Small, dear heart!
Italy Russia, 21/08/2005.
Though he ABOUT
SAO remains XA?
Night flying chosen as home
The strange place, not home Que Huong
A ring around impermanence
Pregnancy way to, Neo About still … go
Night crossing old do?
Tonight crossing, poetry writing: conception on.
Waiter a complicated life
She waved, apart Que once
Thought far and will close
Far distant time too! But still … far close!
Go home? Still no Que Father!
Still no ancestral land! The Vietnam Trade!
Italy Russia
Denver-Calgary route, 08.04.2007.
Shadow Car!
Waiting with tilt!
Pitch ball driver. Oh yeah sunshine!
Dives gradually with light yellow.
Mum and Dad back hunched, curved silhouette
Each illness, heart panic.
Driver ball, pitch, balls hurry!
Mum and Dad pray wellbeing
As dawn light, by date
Garnish progeny reachable glorious example.
They asked, I wait for word about
Triumphant singing Que tight situation
The joy of sharing the same ethnicity
“Paper” and this tear, keeping “margin”!
Tim pawns incubated under breath
Unfilial son go so far
Yet to bring about the dream
Cheep “China National” in Gia Gia nh!
Drivers pitch ball!
Three do not rush
Do not give me away …
Poetry choked
Le was salty life, so every fall?
Pm Oh!
Soccer driver tilted enough!
Italy Russia, 02/17/2007.
Star night long?
Connector night night!
Remember my mother language, sweet-sweet soft words
Hoen paper, text skew Mother Chao
No clear definition, the bag is sad
Yellow leaves falling back to the source
I want to keep this gold leaf.
Italy Russia, 04/01/2002.
Sad mother kept swinging hammock
Ru baby not milk, thinning hair, excess hunger
Child shame how recently?
Hungry, selling blood, leaving only bone skin.
Italy Russia, 29-2-2014
I remember Mum!
Sad day, more sad!
I cry and cry both Que Ba Cha
39 years san galaxy pouring rate
How people who cry with you: NATIONAL SHAME?
Italy Russia, 20-4-2014
Incense for CON
Handles the slim shirt
Mother used to knit for children
From day to leave Saigon
Listen sad heart brain shirt.
My son ah! My son!
If the mother is not far
Where Mother lifelong hatred
What soul aching pain!
Ensconced in oasis
Listen poignant loneliness
Wool in each graving
Bitter the hon bags.
Italy Russia ** 25-2-2014.

THE BEST IS Do not argue

Asia Nghi glass moved and thanked
Referral program & music poetry
broadcasts from radio NVRADIO
Photo: Sao Khue
Thematic STOP THAT!
Pungent betel, areca tart, lime concentration
Cho does not have! Buy no? Cheap cheap!
Two wheels is easy to purchase on
Add matchmaker, integrity swear soon!
Sweet fragrance will then
Rather pungent, warm, tart for couples.
Asia Nghi * 12/28/2016
Photo: Sao Khue
Who weighed weight weightlifting gold
Neglected small-balance, and on any competition?
How much effort into the
The word thin, fragile over there
No workers, community; want to subtract, divide?
People this way, who the other way: What fun?
Asia Nghi * 03/04/2017
Photo: Sao Khue
Do not argue
Injured two children: NL
There is chaos regret injury
There can not escape mildly outspoken
People flush rate, who confuse takes wisdom
Instability stamping center put all cranky.
Difficult rehabilitation stubborn little guy
Hammer Real Binh Dinh decided to close more
The whiny girl intelligent out
Angry dragon same sun, who calmly?
Cold War days as meditation
She calmed under gentle prism
His scholarly average …: calm, peaceful
As quiet as egalitarian qualities.
How evil will answer to the concentration
Two enemies will use the ally
How refreshing would quibble reckoning
Devotees holy door wide open Pacific.
Asia Nghi * 06.11.2016. /.
Presentation signature: Architect Tran Dinh Thuc
In no peace, no run: how to live?
Road expatriation Feel free to come.
K hip to them, “live and learn to imitate doctors” want “into the land of the West to find the truth,” but because of the Vietnamese Communists pressed into a corner so that their families had to find their way to the sea, crossing of the word to be survive, but nobody expected results were tragic:
This home killing seven, live three
After the National Sorrow, also: father, mother, man.
Houses evacuated nine other “she” *
Only foreign, mother, relatives sides.
H is your neighbor, but since the “March of the army” inside her up as Team Leader Zone Population Town of Ward 22, Tan Binh District, Saigon, the two end up doubting each other out side because: Family her family to swallow humiliation before these “cadres” socialism in South-proclaimed cousin, cousin to singer, bon, bon, coffee * possessions she brought home the North glory achievement aggression; while inside his family with his grandfather, father and little brother were deported to prison big North to near death for the crime of holding a gun to protect freedom for the South.
1979 both families have quietly crossed the border, and then accidentally met in a refugee camp (when he and she is sharing responsibility with the High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations to serve the common good for the people), at any misunderstanding that the newly freed. But then go their separate ways until reunited in a new school year in Vietnamese language school abroad. So they close for many years, and several injured in 1999:
She had not had alcohol level rise.
But why he left empty drunk?
Every day each more passionate!
They loved each other so madly.
Y êu so that the drag of the two families is too strong: her side, the mother said, her grandmother said to, but inside him, their parents said barrier, say and so little “boy cousin” of her family now became senior staff giants Africa (or say exactly contemporary “skin” obese “in” bringing the total expenditure relatives from the North to enjoy and encroachment of the area luxury homes of the South) .
Should the situation has nine … nine … nine … which is coming in 2018 and they still can not get married, she used to say to him: I have to wait another -Chac until nine … all 4 numbers have just been too general a ?
His young age not patriotic capital flows smiled: force that I will give you “sit cool, eat a bowl of gold”
Entertainment night only! Sitting cool then thank you, but your stomach is where you do not eat gold
-Well, then eat delicacies. But then sure we do not need to go through the procedure of marriage trouble discerning family two children anymore, huh? Or as I said to wait until the year 9999 alone should meet again where husband and wife? Yes, wait for each other to nine RUC!
-Now had already flying taxi! When that time came to be bad practices than what he procedure. I keep the house relative to the other so hedged, who stand?
Did -O! Mum and Dad that he can not fence snapped, and with anyone anymore.
-Ua, but sure we will spend two families born like that? Yes that … shows three generations!
He sighed passive filial:
Harmonic life or being exposed children?
She also contemplating seminars, hospitality and then blurted out:
-No okay darling! Also injured when their parents, on the day they pray and desire to be with you forever, the God who knows his trade, for unsatisfactory: public life would also like her life!
He should only know heartily gentle passive sigh, and she remembered the stupor of Saigon:
Those familiar memories,
The trade body has occupied half of the soul.
H sat quietly side by side, each with separate thoughts a long time.
Then suddenly not, he stripped a shoe thrown into the sea with all the anger. She frowned surprised glance at him, but then the police department in that pensive silence as eternal constant.
And so two people sitting until dusk ball tilted and still not break up. He’d worry about, but she also remembered the family harshly he had treated her should not dare to shake up his anger.
Feel free time to see her to punch back, he asked him quietly:
-Chac that make you sit for more than a sore back, right?
She nodded:
Entertainment night! I waiting for you to throw the other shoe always give yourself enough pair then go on!
He sarcastically:
Did -O! He also retained do? A then to be going anywhere!
She nodded:
–With back, his numbers alone do not maybe you let the other shoes and the odd poor you?
He laughed carefree:
-Make that I manually throw away, throw wreak angry!
She shook her head:
Force my hand by how his forces, making them drowsy em apart again fantastic with me now too!
Partakers with him to break the quiet atmosphere with loud laughter:
This photo angry force should be thrown away, now calm down and then, there is sure to throw it nor where hundred years to catch up with you honey. Or for him to swim, find the other, then toss them at the same time be close to each supplier?
She smarter:
-Don’t be where he, though at the same time that meets the waves it will not close together, the best is picked up, column 2 shoelaces tightly before the toss, they will be life together.
Waterproof fabric beach day, wire section apart, they would only honey!
Natural stabbed her grumpy unusual:
-We have the body, they must take care to use parts! I had arranged to force “noose” all the worry and do not even know? Keep the pending 9999 as he shall try to be! Items with RUC skeptical, bored him too! He threw gone on! Never mind! I do not wait anymore! He waited too long you also tired RUC and all the bones and items!
He stared at her surprise, her back suddenly not angry today? Cheer girls have:
Eyes riveting
Sweet romantic gesture,
Inviting aroma,
Bring a warm smile
And naturally he suddenly realized the last sentence of her so he orf … patriotic young shoots by: very active and optimistic, he runs into the sea, swimming Phang Phang toward the shoe just to give him an idea iron will and fierce hope. She also hugged float Phang Phang contingency and run under the sand, watching his every move underwater, heart secretly glad that the sea is calm today so …
A Europe with stars!
Waves calm sea but had their hearts and are rebelling! Who knows then he will do with the final warning as was her punishment?
It was happy for their partners but not nine nine nine … RUC!
They suddenly realize that life was happiness
Because love is brilliant sun angle.
Asia Nghi (Photo: AYD) Calgary, Canada * 11.29.2017.
* BA BABY> euphemism of coffee, carbon, (crying) cases, four (withdraw)
* 9 HER: whole families fleeing women: grandmother, grandmother, mother and 6 children.
England hangover, eager tingle;
I aligned to stand, walk
What people remember way
But they also tease?
Christmas, I’m discreet,
New Year is not public,
It is his plaited funding,
Throbbing heart than firecrackers.
A comb remember, do not know
St two injured, or not
I keep spicy ginger jam
Three comb invited, nagging.
Young children are not felt,
Make him weak at heart
Then the ball should just bubble
Love how that strange?
Asia Nghi * 24/12/2016
Photos & presentation: AYD & NV ~ TM

MUSICIAN Nguyen Van Thanh
Sent: Sun, Nov 26, 2017 7:55 pm
Subject: Program New Castle Author NVRADIO
Forwarded You Thi Huu
Creative’s new program NVRadio stations broadcasting from Washington DC,
has introduced the song by popular Democratic Ca Your music from poetry.
Thi Huu wish you a peaceful Christmas 2017, happy.
Please listen through the link:
Radio for the Vietnamese Embassy
Canada, 29/11/2017 Dear Leader,
Scouting we advocate using games as methods of education the children, but we never forget one important thing: this game is a baggage useful to prepare them for life, with a precious capital, in which 3 promises and laws 10 Scout groups are reminded to: Nation.
Italy Russia kindly forwards the popular music from Russia Italian poetry, delicate taste of Musicians LMST and Nguyen Van Thanh: “TRADE AND TRADE OVER TIME!” To you head in the world have been engaged with Feng T


> Author’s new diamond dust Musicians: Prayer Past Year,
Cover: BAO TRAM,
> Photo: NVT & collectibles.


Knife heroic statuary
Sharp pen fanning BoneFyre
Painting: palm hearts volleyball
Gas transmission mighty spiritual afterlife.
The ancients wrote for several
This person wrote: Leading the walls?
Soul “artist” extraordinary
Demons pursue unpredictable behavior.
Juniors watch, read: contempt
“Dan brother, sister” of what the breeze?
Printed Books plated * flashes flickering flare:
Slim flashy flashy red enemy praise, loading and fragrant.
Rather humiliating way for rice
Arrogant, snobbish, blowing, pumping rowdy.
Italy Russia * 26/01/2017
* Gold-plated, silver care
New work   Diamond dust
Invite music
To music and presentations: Nguyen Van Thanh


THE “fraternity”
He, she, him, her “overseas Vietnamese”
Boat was burnt rice pesky thing
“Buried oil crossing the” people
The seller hereby name? Ta Ta Dzong wait,
Sitting wedding, the first river
Wrong Party maintained park, constructed for gold.
Running under capitalism four states
Minions blend, crossing ambiguity
Lying areas from the first step
Red bell clearly a matter of course.
We seek co-president, co-ready
Vietnam collusion queuing time wrong
Go, comfort the deliberate
Links antiwar faction, openly says above.
Clustered together elected selling rejoice
Hundreds of “veterans”, rampant partying
Ru people: – Business Plus! Generous!
Gathered together humiliation hero lung tuberculosis
Why do guys really strange
Acclamation, Vietnam supports end-time?
Vietnamese time, Vietnamese Communists do raid
Water transport fresh danger now
Detailed qualifications required full hand
Adolescent immediately see dirt foam.
She, he, she, him … wrinkled
Yet according to most intellectuals climb Signal
Morning brought, at the welcome, wish you
Stooping, kneeling, putting the first Czech to climb!
Italy Russia * 26/04/2017
Thick lips thick clumsy belittle people eat: – Thin!
Coral teeth, toothless hate him immensely,
She did not like high low go high general
Like manipulation. Ward started abusing activity!
No end! Who counts the same: loss supplement!
Hit people right: all those curved
Slim scabrous, catching gloss sealer
Who cherish that lengthy cliché.
Italy Russia * 26/01/2017
Quote anthology will publish: THI cartoonist and reconnect
He “writers, journalists’
The stars do not love yourself?
She “poet”, brothels
That people despised?
Politicians of the opposition
In response to Freedom
Marginal things conspired
Grid-lock-person Jiangsu.
They “Doctor, engineer”
Bridged into nothingness
About help Czech construction
The whole foundation of embezzlement.
Strong who this person counted
People suffering, why silent?
Mouth “big house, big house”
Hailed by Ho Chi Minh!
Gathered together respectfully,
Embark Czech lavish,
Several generous praise,
People love to ignore story.
Party has rough hands
Also present was boring story
Communists also follow cling?
Lifetime still babble!
Italy Russia * 01/23/2017


from 01/01/2018

Authors will stop posting

the reader who has lost contact in 2017.

N does not want to receive majestic post again please know nhé!



Asian senseless SUSPECTED: Vibration Heart
> Presentation, poetry inscription: SUN CALI, KIM LOAN, circulant, TAM HOÀI
Dealing with deaf people.
– What do you keep silent?
To his discomfort, alone in the
New sister do bear peace?
His first act scum, flowers and eye ne!
The new silent cooling … … listen!
Asia Nghi ** 10-7-2013.
I said about … “his house” *
Around enough thatched roof, garden beans,
(Unfortunately no mother, no father)
Birds every morning train until late.
Home balance: chopsticks, cups, knives and spoons;
Balance added: … here … here … Who fears Kia division.
Roses bloomed luxuriant
Nobody picked gifts, scented shine every day.
Individuals, clusters pruners
Coffee groves, this morning gave everyone shuffled?
I said … about the future!
Asia Nghi, 13-7-2013.
My house:
As one romantic marriage proposal, please understood in two senses:
2-The place you live.
Shy, babbles … kelp … “Love you!”
He also gaping under every torment: “Love? “
They collected more talkative
Uttered the word is … … much dose it!
Scruffy, trouble, odd,
Contrition contrition, fleece sweatshirts, dependence oh two.
Asia Nghi ** 13-7-2013
Comfort him no sun, fishing
No flooding rain, the first time gone?
Bo Bo Hon shuttle … Smelly
Said rod run, releasing the prey according to whom?
Bo … anyone remember choosing flowers
Sweet, pure from an aromatic … soap!
Asia Nghi ** 12-7-2013.
Pictures: Collector internet
thank authors
Alexandrine line of cute Asian Nghi seats!
X in the following verses jotted to contribute … to zdui nghen zde.
Photographer TO QUESTIONS
Thread entangled leaf gourd
Hurry idea snatch fish stick closely
Light within your leaves, lightly
Suddenly turned back, he moaned Hu Hu.
Sighing, only that   khù old!
Rod up sarcophagi, a monk is moderate.
Sent: Sunday, July 14, 2013 1:56 PM
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THE DIFFICULT, a wise man.
-Have Martha, cabinet minister? Pick out!
Select expenditure must also fears his meek
But do not grab all power
Manipulator abuses, around them laugh
Function Bullion, Gold Bullion
Vegetables, melons, beans salted with his life.
-Em bit more chilli, garlic, onions,
Potatoes, mangoes, rice, water, orange, lemon … How?
Un GMT learned as high?
Then the lack of advance, after chronic shortness of life!
-Really heart dare not obey
No rice, no rice! Water sky, moon light?
Ask him about the neighbors, asked the village:
Have children … bring virtually any corner ghost!
Asia Nghi
Brooks, AB, 10-7-2013.
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NEW primitive age.
Forget the rain, forget the sun outside
Happy to pass several long passion
New moon, new density, clumsy
Teach you step by step, silly hundred surface.
Asia Nghi ** 24-6-2013.
Who wants to remember!
-Change not crave? Not see the cravings
Listen, watch crave soft lips, eyes in.
“Remember me?” The decision that … no!
Me lip, her eyes not remember … People!
Remember forever is … smile
Fresh apples as inviting. Oh honey!
Asia Nghi ** 8-7-2013.
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Into the dark?
Err half of placenta
Where silence? Several continents over the bridge?
Spring was crushed silk shirt creased
People go where? How long for?
Asia Nghi ** 13-7-2013.
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Heart flutter
Flower petal himself today
Or butterfly wings flying is … yourself?
Decoding the hidden heartbeat
Silence that voice suddenly popped still hear.
United quietly, butterfly wings spread …
Asia Nghi ** 6-5-2014
TO PLAY THAT sweating!
He went spiraling like flying
My legs run forever, unloading or also turtles
Give more, you have to give in
Miss of “queen”, according to the “king” should reconcile.
“General Public” familiar marching rate
England striker, goalkeeper is you!
House hold, for day and night wear
Public enemy to gain shelf My house?
Asia Nghi
He wrote it with ** 6-5-2014